The Tallest Building in Las Vegas

If you are headed to Las Vegas and want to experiece the greatest heights that the city has to offer, you’ll be looking for the tallest building in Las Vegas. Though technically not a building, since it is largely considered a tower, Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas stretches way above all other structures in town at nearly 1,150 feet tall. That’s just 100 feet short of the roofline on the Empire State Building.

In Stratosphere Tower you will find the usual Las Vegas entertainment including an 80,000 square foot casino and nearly 2,500 hotel rooms in a separate hotel near the tower. But the biggest attraction, and the tallest in Las Vegas, is the tower itself. As you can imagine, there are observation decks at the top of the tower where visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of Vegas, but that’s not all that is up there.

The location of Stratosphere Tower is perfect for observing Las Vegas, since the city’s tallest structure sits right between downtown and the famouse Las Vegas strip. Visitors will be able to see everything from the tower.

In addition to the view, visitors can enjoy one of four thrill rides built into the tower’s height. They range from roller coasters to bungee jumping and all of them will take a bit of convincing for those who are not thrill seekers. One of the thrill rides, Big Shot, is the highests such ride in the entire world.

If you are truly looking for the tallest habitable building in Las Vegas, you’d be looking for the Fontainebleau Resort Las Vegas. At over 700 feet, this 60+ story resort is huge, but don’t make your reservations just yet. Construction of the Fontainbleau has stalled and it is not known when (or if) this resort will ever open. Until then, go ahead and check out Stratosphere Tower and enjoy the tallest building in Las Vegas.