The Threat From Red China is Real

The world is so occupied with what is happening in Afghanistan and the US elections that China seems to be going of the radar. But the fact is that this is one nation that is sharpening its claws rapidly and this is not for a friendly tap but a violent scratch and deep cut.

The Chinese are preparing to christen blue water navy as well as develop long range ballistic missiles with nuclear capability that can hit India as well as the US mainland. China is also developing its cyber warfare capability and as per the Chinese plans their army will be capable of prolonged and sustained warfare before the end of this decadethe people’s liberation army with strength of 2.25 million is double the size of the Indian army and is being modernized at a break neck speed. In a recent assessment the Pentagon has concluded that part of the Chinese strategy would be to swallow Tawain and replace the USA as a pacific power. But it also adds that the Chinese plan to encircle India and this is evident in their hardening position on the border talks with India.

As part of the global reach of its armed might the Chinese have replaced their olderliquid-fuelled, intermediate range ballistic missiles with the solid-fuelled CSS-5 medium-range ballistic missile systems. These have been positioned along the Indo –Chinese line of control and the purpose is to over awe India as well as to act as a deterrent

The Pentagon has also informed India that the Chinese could deploy at any time 30 divisions against India and that would give them a 3:1 superiority in numbers.

The USA must also beware, as the first aircraft carrier obtained fro Ukraine is on its way to join the Chinese navy and trials are on and they plan to construct a few at their own shipyards. The Chinese are also developing the J-20 their own version of the stealth fighter. These cannot be happy thoughts for the USA.

What of the future? It should not be forgotten that a strong China is always an expansionist. This was articulated by Pandit Nehru who was back stabbed by the Chinese. That is the reason most countries in SE Asia are wary of Chinese intentions. The one fly in the ointment is India of which the Chinese are wary. But with a poor and weak leadership India is allowing itself to be ringed by China. Its about time India took cognization of Chinese intentions and beefed up accordingly.

What about Taiwan? Sooner than later the USA will have to face China on this issue and then the fat will be in the fire.