The Three Hottest New Gadgets of 2013

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There are some truly unique new gadgets for 2013 that are useful and revolutionary and will surely catch the attention of those around you if you are lucky enough to own one of these amazing new pieces of technology. These gadgets seem to be the wave of the future offering high tech solutions to everyday problems or making great advances in already existing technologies. Those who like to be on the edge in terms of owning the newest or most advanced products will especially want to take a look at these three as they are cutting edge and interesting and offer a chance to be one of the first to own a unique new product that will be a part of life for some time to come.

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The Nest

Also called The Learning Thermostat, The Nest is a different kind of thermostat that helps to control the temperature of your home and in the process saves money and energy while keeping you comfortable. After installing this thermostat it will ask you to answer some questions about your habits, the temperature ranges you prefer and the hours you are home, sleep, or run errands. Then, the Nest will begin to control the temperature based on your lifestyle. By adjusting the temperature as you see fit, The Nest will learn what temperature you like and when you like it and it will build a schedule that fits your life. The better The Nest gets to know your likes and your schedule, the more energy and money you will save. The device can be controlled remotely while you are not home by using mobile apps for your Android or Apple phone. The features of The Nest are endless and the savings will definitely add up, as will the comfort level in your home.

Logitech Washable Keyboard

A dirty keyboard can be truly annoying but it does happen to most of us. We blow canned air onto it, we turn it over and shake it and we dare not get it wet. All of that changes with the Logitech Washable Keyboard which can be dusted or wiped with a dampened cloth or even submerged in up to 11 inches of water. Its keys are printed to withstand repeated washing and it has drain holes in the back to speed up drying times. This is a great gadget for those that eat while they work, who have had a spill or two, or who have children who use their computer. Imagine no matter how long you have had it this keyboard will still be clean.

Google Glass

Sometimes called Glass by Google, this device is like something out of a futuristic movie. This is a computer that is built into eyewear. A pair of glasses that double as a computer is a novel and unique technological advance that will be available by the end of 2013. The display will be just above the sight line so that one will glance up to find a computer display. The glasses will also have GPS, a camera, a microphone and other built in features that are common to personal computers today. These are truly the gadget of the future.

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The Three Hottest New Gadgets of 2013, Seekyt
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