The Three Most Common Employee Drug Tests

While it is typically up to each employer as to whether or not they drug test new hires or routinely test current employees, most places in America today do use some form of drug testing. Most commonly, the substances being tested for include these common street drugs:

• Marijuana
• Methamphetamines
• Opiates
• Cocaine

In addition, some tests can also look for prescription drugs in the system as well. However, there are several different types of drug tests that can be used today to check on someone’s drug history.

Mouth Swab

One of the latest, most affordable, and quickest methods to test for drugs is with a mouth swab. These tests can be bought easily and used on site for nearly instant results. The mouth is swabbed with a test strip, which will show positive or negative results based on what is in the saliva. Depending on the type of swab, they may be able to test for alcohol as well as a very wide range of drugs.

The downside to using a saliva test swab, however, is that they cannot trace drugs or drug use from more than a few days ago. This essentially means that although they can be highly accurate on someone who has just used an illicit drug, a smart user who abstains for a few days before the swab may go undetected.

Urine Test

The tried and true urine test is one of the most infallible and heavily used types of drug test. The presence of drugs can be detected from weeks ago, making it very difficult indeed to fool this type of test.

The test can be administered in a medical facility or can be used as part of an on-site kit where the employer obtains a urine sample and tests the sample with a strip.
These tests are considered to be quite accurate, particularly when they are administered at a clinic or medical facility.

Hair Test

The hair test can literally discover drug use from many years ago, and cannot be tricked at all. However, this makes it incredibly difficult to find out the timetable for drug use, and this type of testing is often very expensive and time consuming as well. This type of testing is fairly rare, although new over the counter test kits may make them more common.

These are the three most common drug tests in use today for employee screening.