The Top 3 Tagalog Movies

When making a list of Tagalog movies there are several films that always seem to be at the top of the list. These are movies that are hits in the Philippines and with others who speak the Tagalog language. These movies can be found for sale online and ordering them and having them mailed to your home is a quick and easy process. For those outside of the Philippines online ordering is most likely the easiest way to fins these movies all in one place for quick and convenient shopping. Three of the most popular Tagalog movies are described below; remember there are hundreds more to be found while shopping online.


In this comedy, which is the highest earner ever in the box office in the Philippines, two half siblings who have had very different upbringings come together after their fortunes have been reversed. Bernice and Detty share a father and little else growing up. Bernice was born out of his father’s extramarital dalliance and he and his mother struggle to get by while Detty is raised in wealth and comfort. Years later Bernice makes a name for himself in the apparel industry as a really hard and difficult boss and Detty needs a job. Bernice knows who Detty is, but she is unaware that this is her half-sibling. He hires her and plans on making her miserable as he was growing up. But, when a rival in the industry becomes more intense, Detty becomes the center of a huge fight between the two company heads. There are all sorts of truly funny scenes in this movie, it is bound to keep you watching and laughing.

The Unkabogable Praybeyt Benjamin

Benjamin’s family had always been military heroes and he is the seventh Benjamin in his family and is expected to do the same. His father had given up on the military life and had become an inventor making weapons such as a fart gun, a fan that shoots bullets and others. Because of the choice to not remain in the army Benjamin’s family is forced to leave the family home by his easily embarrassed grandfather and they live in an older, quirky house. Further upsetting to the grandfather is the fact that the youngest Benjamin is gay. When civil war starts, young Benjamin is forced to join the military where there are all kinds of conflicts. His group trains secretly at night and becomes very skilled but a rival group exposes Benji’s secret about his sex life and the group is kicked out of the military base. It is them that these soldiers happen upon a terrorist group, but no one believes them. What happens next is funny, full of adventure, and heartwarming as well. This comedic movie is a box office winner.

No Other Woman

This drama centers on a married couple who faces the husband’s infidelity. When Ram begins business dealings with a luxury resort owner, his daughter makes her intentions clear. She does not care if he is a married man; she is going to be his lover. While he does try to resist at first, Ram gets caught up in a web of deceit and becomes an unfaithful husband. His wife Charmaine decides she will fight for her marriage and win her husband’s attention and affection. This movie received mixed critical reviews but became a box office smash due to unforgettable lines and its portrayal of such a sensitive subject.

These films, and other Tagalog movies, can be order conveniently online and will arrive at one’s door quickly and can then be enjoyed in the comforts of one’s own home.