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The top 5 Weather Changes that took place in Chicago IL


Chicago IL,

So with all the talk about climate change, let’s examine a few things that took place weather-wise in the city of Chicago from January 2014-March 2014.

High Temps:

January 2014, the area of Chicago saw daytime high temps averaging around 3-5 degrees below the normal, while in February more cold air moved through the region as temps remained around 5-7 degrees below normal for the month, as we moved into March the city again recorded temps around 4-6 degrees below normal, so winter was a tad bit cooler than average for the windy city. What was the cause? One thing to blame would possibly be the multiple areas of colder high pressure that pushed through the Great Lakes region this past winter.

Low Temps:

The low temps started January the same way below normal, the area saw overnight low temps around 5-7 degrees below normal, while February again saw overnight lows around 5-7 degrees below average for the month, moving into March the region continued with temps averaging around 5-7 degrees below normal for the month. What could have been a cause? The fact that multiple areas of high pressure moved through the region, during the night-time high pressures create clear skies and calmer winds, this in return allows for colder air, also the region saw plenty of snowfall this past winter, which could have helped it stay cooler at night.


The month of January brought the region less than 1inch of rainfall, this was below normal, while February the area saw just over 1inch but again was below normal, March brought even more below normal rainfall to the region well over 1inch below normal, so the past three months the region has been relatively dry in regards to annual rainfall. What could have been a cause of this more than likely the Chicago area exchanged rain for snow this past winter as you will see below.


January brought with it a very snowy month with the area seeing double of its normal monthly snowfall totals, February the area again saw just about double its average monthly snowfall, while March again brought the region double its snowfall for the month. So due to all the colder weather in place Chicago saw the same amount of moisture as normal, just it fell as more snow and less rain.


To summarize Chicago and the month’s of January through March, it would be safe to say that the area saw above normal snowfall, while below normal high temps and below normal overnight lows, which had to do with the increasing amount of strong high pressure centers that moved through the region.

*All data was decoded by Dakota Weather Consultants and all weather observational data was gathered from the National Weather Service via their Chicago Weather Station daily weather observations.

The top 5 Weather Changes that took place in Chicago IL
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