The Top Five Best Cheap Hotels in Vegas

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Not everyone who travels to Vegas can afford The Wynn, the Bellagio, or the newest hoity-toity hotels on the Strip, Aria and the Cosmopolitan. If you aren’t picky and just need a place for a sleep, shower, and shave (and want to save your money for the slots!), then these hotels might just be for you!

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Imperial Palace

This place has one thing going for it…location, location, location! Smack dab in the middle of the Strip, that is. Check in, unpack, and go to better places on the Strip, because the casino ain’t much fancier than the hotel rooms. I’ve had a room here in the off-season for $17 (with tax); even in full season you might pay $50. Pretty good for the Strip.


Also chosen for it’s excellent location on the Strip, and about on par with Imperial Palace. Avoid the buffet; there are many, many better choices for the same price. I had it once a few years ago…never again!


Probably the most decent hotel on the Strip that can still be inexpensive, depending on when you go. I’ve stayed there for $80 and I’ve stayed there for $49. It’s further South so it’s away from the main drag but still close enough to other casinos. Walking to the center of the Strip is doable but if you get tired, buy a ticket on The Deuce (their public transportation bus). It’s only $3 for a 24 hour pass and goes the full area of the Strip.


I feel I need to throw downtown Vegas some love, so I pick Fitzgeralds…pardon me, I mean Fitz…for the location and award-winning slot machines. Because just about every hotel on Fremont Street is dirt cheap, with the exception of the Golden Nugget.


Harrah’s is hit or miss…sometimes it is cheap, sometimes it is pricey. But still a great location on the Strip and probably the most decent hotel on the list when you can book it cheap.

Why did I not mention Circus Circus, you ask? I’ll tell you why…it’s creepy, decrepid, has too many kids, and is too far from everywhere. Did I mention creepy?

One more thing…resort fees are becoming more and more popular at Vegas hotels. They aren’t much, usually under $10 per day, but it seems to always be for things no one needs, such as free incoming faxes or free local or long distance calls. Some even include pool access in their resort fees, which is ridiculous. On my list, the Excalibur and the Luxor charge resort fees. You can still get a great price with them, just make sure to ask about resort fees at ANY Vegas hotel you book. Then tell them how disappointed you are in what looks like a scam at legitimate hotels. Note that none of the Harrah’s hotels charge resort fees as of this writing.


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The Top Five Best Cheap Hotels in Vegas, Seekyt
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