News The Tradition of Making New Year's Resolutions

The Tradition of Making New Year's Resolutions


New Year’s resolutions used to be all the rage but I don’t hear too much about them anymore.

December and January used to be when you couldn’t help but hear someone talking about their upcoming or New Year’s resolution. People used to ask you if you were considering a new year’s resolution and if so what it or they were.

Everyone was interested in what you wanted to improve on in your life. Some wanted to know because they were truly interested, some wanted to know because they were truly nosey and some wanted to know because they were hoping you had a great idea that they could steal and use for themselves.

It sounds crazy but it’s true. New Year’s resolutions were basically a tradition in years gone by. Every year you came up with something to improve and work on whether it was stopping smoking, losing weight, spending more time with family, saving money, learning something new.

People are so busy with their lives these days that they probably have resolutions they come up with throughout the year that come and so New Year’s resolutions are just not necessary anymore.

Why wait until January 1st if it is only May 12th or Sept 2nd?

New Year’s resolution making used to be an annual tradition and possibly the newer generations don’t put as much value in keeping this tradition going.

Of course if you are making resolutions on an ongoing basis then maybe there isn’t the need to do so on New Year’s Eve.

Why wait weeks even months when you can start right away.

Some popular resolutions include things like quitting smoking which is a good idea. Tobacco kills more than 5 million people a year.

It is estimated that by 2030 Tobacco will kill 8 million people. Do yourself a favour and quit today or at least on New Year’s Eve for your new year’s resolution.

Another popular New Year’s resolution is losing weight. Obesity can cause a multitude of health problems which end up killing you. About 30% of North Americans are obese, 25% in the United Kingdom.

Weighted average of obesity in approximately 30 of the largest countries in the world is 15% obesity. That number might not sound high but it is extremely high.

With just about 7 billion people in the world if it was 15% of the world that would be over 1 billion obese people on Earth.

Other popular resolutions are saving money which is not easy to do anymore unless you are a high earner and do not live above your means.

Millions of people cannot afford to save because of their salaries and also choices they have made. Millions do not have a pension savings as well.

Do yourself a favour and do whatever it takes to save something even if it is a few dollars a week. When you reach retirement age you will be glad you did.

There are many different resolutions and it really depends on the person and what their needs are. Whatever you choose I wish you the best of luck.

On New Year’s Eve this year there must be something you can decide on improving and changing in your life. Let’s get the New Year resolution making tradition back. 

The Tradition of Making New Year's Resolutions
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