The California Pell Grants not paid is a financial aid program for those aspiring to attend college but have instead been suffering financial fall. Pell Grants are one of the most famous types of financial assistance for less fortunate undergraduate students. It is a free program which entails the student to not pay the financial aid once he or she finishes college. But if the student has left school earlier than said in the contract, he or she will have to repay the money back to the institution. It is a program funded by the Department of Education in US and aims to help students in dire financial need.

Background of California Pell Grants Not Paid

It was in 1965 when the US Department of Education decided to organize student aiding programs formed through the Higher Education Act. Branching from the Federal Pell Grant Program, California Pell Grants Not Paidwas established for needy undergraduate people. In 1972, this program was first known as the “Basic Grant” or Basic Educational Opportunity Grant Program. This later became Pell Grant Program in 1980 in honor of Senator Claiborne Pell who is a very long advocate of funding programs for higher education. Ever since 1980, a lot of Higher Education Amendments have been modified based on the eligibility requirements of the applicant and the funding levels of the Pell Grant Program itself. Perhaps it was in 1998 when its modification became really significant when the Higher Education Amendment decided to extend the aid to post-graduate students who want to become teachers.

Purpose and Advantages of the California Pell Grants Not Paid Program

· Purpose

The California Pell Grants not paid program awards scholarship grants to undergraduate students in California who wish to continue to the tertiary level of education. This grant is given to low and moderately low income aspirants who wanted to earn a Bachelor’s degree. It is created to cater further assistance to students like loans and incentives. One thing to note about California Pell Grants not paid program is its independency from campus-based assistance, meaning that the students can still apply their Pell Grant award to their own choice of school.

· Advantages

Any undergraduate student, provided that they are from low income families, who wants to finish a Bachelor’s degree and are eligible to be part of the California Pell Grants program can receive from $555 to $5,550 worth of help in 2011 and 2012. The amount of scholarship grants vary from year to year, depending on the funding of the base program.

The specific amount that a student can avail will also depend on the Federal Student Aid’s calculation which is further based on the application and status of the student who applied. Such parameters include the student’s choice of school, course, number of years to be attending and others.

It is also best to remember that California Pell Grants not paid give priority to families with students whose annual family income is below $20, 000. The number of years a student may enroll in the program does not matter; however, only one grant can be allowed per year by only one specific educational institution.

Education is something that the government prioritizes, and they clearly know the need of education and everybody’s need for equal chances to pursue their dreams. It is through education that opportunities present themselves to students, hence the birth of California Pell Grants not paid program.