The Truth About Death

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Hi, to introduce myself, my name is Kitty. I, just as the rest of you, have had tragic death of loved ones. When I was 9 months old, I lost my Dad and at 14 Iost my Mom. Over the years of losing multiple others, just a week ago being mine and my fiances Aunts, people’s number one comfort line seems to be “It’ll get better in time.” Or “Everything will be okay.” At this stage, when we lose the Person we love, be it a parent, partner, or friend, we do 1 of 3 things.

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1: We are so overwhelmed by what’s going on, we don’t listen or care.
2: We listen and care, just too shy and hurt to speak up.
3: We get offended and come pouncing on their face like a kangaroo in the boxing ring.

People don’t mean any harm by it when they say it, but still..people should watch what they say, right? We get offended because we are so full of anger and anxiety. But the message behind those words is what I’m going to reveal to you in this article.

“It’ll get better in time.”

NO, It doesn’t. You never get over it, because not even time can heal everything. Time just allows you to Accept it and Cope. All for the better, that you may move forward in your life. Remember, Life DOES GO ON!

“Everything will be okay.”

Yes, it WILL be okay. You WILL proceed with your life, start a family, go to school, work, just be sure that you do this… HAVE FUN.

Chances are, that the person that has passed away that you love dearly and that loved you dearly, only wants to see you happy and to succeed. Death is something that we were brought up to fear, not to rejoice. But it has been said in the bible and even some “After Death Experiences” that in Death, you aren’t suffering. You don’t have to live on this “Hellhole” anymore. You are free from sickness, troubles, and sin. And most of all, being happy. Whether this is true or not, due to the fact that I have never died before, I’ll just stick to having hope for my loved ones and yours that how Death is described, that they truly are in Heaven. 🙂 Death isn’t easy, but it’s going to happen. Death doesn’t care about age, gender, preference, nothing. But you are never alone when dealing with such.

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The Truth About Death, Seekyt
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