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The Truth about Getting Fit Once and for All

Do you sometimes wonder what it really takes to get in shape? Most people wish they were in better shape and will try different things to get in shape but never really get in the shape that they really want to be in. I am here to show you what it really takes to get into the shape and body you wish you had once and for all.

Some people try a wide variety of exercises and some try different tyes of diets and some combine both of these things.

It really is confusing if you watch TV shows and advertisements about exercise equipment and the promises the buff model using the equipment is relaying to you as you watch the commercial. There are TV shows and commercials claiming to know the diet you need to follow to ensure you end up with 6 pack abs in a short amount of time.

There are promises of weight loss if you take certain supplements pills powders and more.

Wouldn’t it be great if just for once someone with the knowledge and experience in being fit shared how they do it? Yes of course it would be. Well keep reading because I am going to share my over 25 years experience in the how to be fit field with you. No strings, just one person wanting to share and help others.

The truth about weight management

Part of being and staying fit is being able to lose excess weight and keeping it off. Many people struggle with not gaining body fat or losing unwanted excess fat and weight.

A nutritionally sound diet will help you reach your goals of losing weight or keeping your tummy tight. Most people know the foods that they are eating that are not good for them nutritionally yet they keep eating and drinking them. Some that come to mind are snack foods like chips and candies. Other foods that are just not good for you to eat are processed meats like cold cuts, weiners, fatty sausage and even bacon. Anything made with white flour should be avoided. Soft drinks and most juices are extremely high in sugar. Stay away from salty and fried foods. Alcohol is another one.

If a food is low or no fat but has quite a bit of sugar in it then it is not okay to eat just because it is low fat.

You have probably read it before and it is true. Stay away from starchy carbs whenever possible and eat more vegetables and lean cuts of meat including fish a few times a week. Just cutting back on starchy carbs like white rice, potates, white flour in bread and pasta will make a huge difference in your fight to keep weight off or lose weight.

It would be very beneficial to you if you learned about the glycemic index and how you can use the glycemic index to help you make better food choices. Higher glycemic foods will cause you to gain body fat.Lower glycemic foods will help you lose fat and maintain a lower body fat percentage.

Lastly you can watch all the starchy carbs and high glycemic foods you want but if your eating a 1000 calories a day more than you should be you will gain weight. So you also need to learn how many calories you need to fuel your current bodyweight and also to lose weight without your body slowing down your metabolism and your weight loss efforts.

I have many other hubs you can find listed below that give you easy instructions on how to figure out how many calories you need for your bodyweight to lose weight starting as soon as today. Please check them out.

The Truth about exercising for fitness

Here is where a lot of people miss the boat.

Whether you like to exercise or not and whether you think you do exercise or not the fact is that unless you sit on your butt 24/7 and don’t move a muscle ever we all exercise.

Exercise comes in all types and intensity levels. The exercise you partake in should be enjoyable to you so that you will not give it up. The exercises and workout routine you choose to perform should reflect your current fitness level and a bit of the fitness level you are trying to achieve.

Exercising is anything from walking down the block and back to an all out cardio and weight lifting session for 2 hours to whatever you can think of doing to get your heart pumping and your muscles workiing hard.

The truth is that as long as you are doing something for 20 to 30 minutes a day even if it is just a nice walk around the block it is better than sitting and doing nothing. That small amount of time will help you get into and stay in shape. Just do something, anything.

I have written many hubs on different types of exercise for all fitness levels and I encourage you to have a look at them if you are serious or even just curious about getting into shape.

To sum everything up

This was all very basic and low level information I have shared with you. If you are not following these basic rules for health and are having weight issues then it is time for you to take this advice and help and apply it so you can be the healthy person you really want to be.

To recap, cut out or limit the foods you know all to well that are just not a healthy food choice. Learn about the glycemic index and what foods are high or low glycemic and try to eat more lower glycemic foods. Find out how many calories you need to consume to maintain or lose weight. Don’t eat more calories than you need.

Exercise whether you just go for a walk or you run a marathon, just do something to get your blood pumping and muscles working.

Losing weight staying fit is not rocket science. It takes a little bit of will power and consistency and in just a short period of time you can drastically change how you look and feel. Good luck.

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