The Types of Water Damage You Don't Want To Deal With

Water damage in MICleaning up any water inside your home is a bad sign and means that there is water coming in somewhere within the home. It might be a bad water proofing job or you might have some deep cracks in the foundation walls.

Now a flood for your home doesn’t always mean that it has come from the outside of your home. It can come from the inside of home too. Like an overflowing washer can find its way down to the basement or leaving room.

I remember when I was a kid that my mom left with the kids but forgot to shut the washer off and when we got home the living room had wet carpet and the kitchen floor was slick. You didn’t even want to go into the basement because that was ruined.

So, what had to happen was we had to rent a carpet cleaner at Home Depot. Eventually the carpet dried out but we had to replace the carpet in the basement with new carpet because the carpet we had was beyond repair and smelled.

The lesson for the story is remembered to always shut off your washer so that you don’t come home to a flooded basement and water damaged carpet. Or have to deal with water damage clean up because you may not go to bed until 6am.

Make sure that you have good insurance that will cover all your water damage needs, its a lot more cost effective if you have insurance because than you won’t be reliable for any damages done inside your home and your covered for the repairs.

People don’t know that flood insurance is seperate from all other insurances and its not covered in your homeowners insurance. So its always best to check and see if you are covered before getting any kind of restoration work done to your home.

Your home is a big investment and so is having carpet installed in your home take care of it.