The Ugly Truth that Beautiful Botoxed Faces Reveal


Getting your face Botoxed, the trend which has swept the world with unceasing waves, has literally become the “must-do” thing for all the younger women. Started out as a treatment to erase out fine lines and wrinkles, Botox has caught the imagination of women all across the globe quite wildly. Trickled down to the lower rungs of the society via celebrities, this “so-called” magical treatment is now calling the shots as far as beauty treatments are concerned.

What is Botox?
In medical terms, Botox is kind of a drug formulated from a toxin produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum (Hence the name Botox). It is a toxin that weakens and eventually blocks muscle nerve signals. Due to its ability to weaken small nerves, this toxin is used to erase out fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet, hence giving your face a youthful and radiating complexion.

How does it Work?
Within few hours or a few days after you have injected your skin with Botulinum toxin, the drug starts minimising the movement of muscles at the injected area. This results in the minimisation of contractions, leading to diminishing wrinkles and a much firm face skin. The effects of Botox treatment are not permanent, usually lasting from three to eight months, depending upon the dose of the medicine.

In the case of younger men and women the drug used weakens the contractions of the injected muscle. When it comes to people aged around 60, the drug administered temporarily paralyses the muscles in and around injected areas. This results in frown lines and wrinkles getting completely diminished from the face.

The Grey Area

Even though this magic wand has become a hot favourite property not only amongst younger women but also amongst men, the negatives which Botox treatment had concealed till now are now surfacing. Some of the most prominent among them are:

Heavy costs
Botox treatments can be astronomically expensive. As the treatment is temporary in nature, you will have to go for injections from time to time to maintain the wrinkle-free look. A single session focussing on a single area (for example, crow’s feet) can cost somewhere around £ 250 in UK.

Freezing of Expressions
A botoxed face can never communicate like a normal face as the facial movement is hampered by the toxin. Though botoxed faces look glowing and flawless, yet it results in the micro-expressions of the face getting eliminated. In fact, botoxed faces exude an indescribable sense of vacant air and static nature.

Side Effects

Botox injections, just like other medical procedures, run the risk of having side-effects. There are plenty of side-effects reported due to this medical treatment. Most notable among them are:

  • Pain – Immediately after the Botox treatment, some encounter unusual tenderness and bruising in and around the injected area. This can cause discomforting pain especially when your facial muscles are expressing something.
  • Headache – One of the most common side-effect after having a Botox is headache. The toxin can cause your muscles to tighten leading to headaches that lasts for a few days.
  • Nausea – Some patients have even reported to have the feelings of uneasiness after going through the treatment. Dizziness accompanied with lethargy is the most common complaint which patients report.
  • Other Ramifications – Sometimes the treatment might go horribly wrong, resulting in adverse consequences. In some cases, there were reports of eyelids getting drooped and smile getting lopsided.

Limitations in Facial Empathic Responses
A botoxed face usually has a fixed expression, i.e., of an angry disposition coupled with the tinge of indifference. A botoxed face can never empathise and display the emotions as the normal faces as the paralysed muscles limit the movement. Your smile will look clenched and forced and even sometimes general facial movement becomes difficult to achieve.

Spread of Toxin
In some cases, the toxin Botulinum from the injection may spread to other parts of the body leading to muscle weakness and difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

Botox treatments are like two-edged swords. On one hand, they help you in diminishing the wrinkles on your face. On the other, they lead to freezing expressions and potential harmful effects. It is up to an individual whether he/she wants to have a poker face in bargain of a shining complexion!