The Ultimate Outdoor Dining Table With Fire Pit – My Wish List

I have been researching ways to make our backyard into the oasis I crave, and as I was researching tables I came across this outdoor dining table with fire pit. I pointed my finger at the screen and dragged my husband into the room and said “this is the one”!

I love the idea of having multi-functional pieces, and this one takes the cake. It is the perfect granite heavy duty table that will last longer than the house (that was my argument and I am sticking to it!). So you can not only use it as a table for food and drinks and for entertaining but also as a little fire pit. I love the idea of a little fire while sitting in comfort around the table and I think this will be a great hit at my house.

You could start a little fire in there and enjoy the ambiance into the evening. I live in Ontario Canada where the winters can be long so as soon as the spring and summer hit, most Ontarians are outside and soaking up the warmth and the sun for as many hours a day as possible. You will see us out until bed time, so having a way to still entertain in the dark on the back deck or patio is perfect. This little fire pit table is just perfect for patio entertaining. You don’t have to drag your guests to the back of the yard and huddle around that old open fire pit. In many areas open fires are no longer allowed.

You can get gas versions of this table too, but there is something about this granite one that I just adore. The metal is powder coated so it is not going to rust. You simply throw a cover on it in the winter to keep it nice. But this way you can still entertain in the early spring and into the fall when the nights are cooler. This is a great way to throw some heat around the patio too.

Outdoor Dining Table with Fire Pit

The outside simply becomes an extension of our inside, so we like to have the same creature comforts! Storage can be an issue for many pieces, but this one will simply stand the test of time where it sits.

But the icing on the cake for me, is the piece you can put in the center when you are not using the fire pit that turns into a “lazy susan” so that the center of the table can spin. This would be a perfect little bar area or for condiments when you are using the table for eating.

So, if you are like me and want to enjoy your yard this year, and are in the market for a new dining area, then consider a outdoor dining table with fire pit, because this way you get two items for one. Your guests and you will enjoy this table and it is nice and relaxing to sit around a fire, and it will help to keep those pesky bugs away too.