The Ultimate Vacuum Face-Off: Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Vs Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

Dyson DC41 or DC65 Animal Complete – Which Should You Get?

Here, we will be comparing the very top end, premium upright vacuum cleaners from Dyson — the DC41 Animal Complete Vs DC65 Animal Complete — going through aspect by aspect, feature by feature, to identify exactly where they differ (& where they are similar). Then go on to conclude which is the ‘best’ overall upright vacuum cleaner — and consequently which Dyson you should buy.

Practical Design & Aspects

DC41: Bin Capacity – 0.55 Gal | Max Reach: 52 ft | Dyson Ball | Weight: 17.1 lbs

DC65: Bin Capacity – 0.55 Gal | Max Reach: 52 ft | Dyson Ball | Weight: 17.3 lbs

The full sized Dyson 41 Animal Complete & Dyson DC65 Animal Complete take on pretty much on the exact same typical Dyson ‘futuristic design’ (both in pink) and as you can see offer identical practical specifications.

They both also have a large 2.1 liter bin capacity with an easy one button press hygienic release mechanism as well as a cord length of 35 ft & telescope reach of just under 17 ft, hence making them both ideal for a mid to large sized house. Moreover, compared to other standard upright vacuum cleaners they are very light too, at just over 17 lbs (with the DC65 weighing slightly more) & because both are also integrated with the famous Dyson ball technology, it makes maneuvering the vacuum in your house incredibly easy — being able to turn on a dime.

So here, the DC41 and DC65 are essentially equal.

Cleaning Performance & Technology

DC41: Radial Root Cyclone | Motorized Brush Bar | 235 Air Watts | Self Adjusting Head

DC65: Updated Radial Root Cyclone | Re-Con Brush Bar | 245 Air Watts | Self Adjusting Head

This is where the major difference lies between the two. The DC65 is fitted with a more advanced radial root cyclone system meaning essentially that it can generate higher centrifugal forces and in turn pick up even smaller microscopic particles of dust & debris & is in general much more effective. It also has a re-configured brush bar that has the ability to apply 25% more power, forcing the bristles even deeper into carpets & rugs to remove more dirt.

They both come with a self-adjusting cleaner head — where it will minimize air flow leakage when vacuuming either soft flooring or hard flooring through raising or lowering the cleaner head. The DC65 also offers a greater constant suction power by 10 air watts, totaling a huge 245 air watts — making it extraordinarily powerful — Dyson claim it to ‘clean better than any other vacuum across carpets and hard floors‘. The DC65 is ‘the’ biggest & baddest vacuum cleaner around.

Accessories & Attachments

The range of accompanied accessories for the DC41 and DC65 Animal complete are exactly the same & are as follows:

Combination Tool – a crevice tool used for cleaning tight gaps which also has the ability to double up with a brush nozzle to allow for powered dusting.

Stair Tool – a straight edged attachment that is designed for vacuuming both horizontally as well as vertically.

Tangle Free Turbine Tool – a sophisticated and very popular (particularly among pet owners) turbine attachment that is incredibly effective at removing pet hair from hard and soft flooring.

Soft Dusting Brush Tool – utilizes ultra soft nylon bristles to remove fine dust particles from delicate surfaces such as tv screens etc. (so you don’t have to fear damaging them,when cleaning)

Stubborn Brush Tool – acts to remove tough dug in dirt from carpets, rugs through literally flicking the dirt away & loosen it to be then sucked up by the Dyson vacuum.

Multi Angle (Up top) brush Tool – it is angled in such a way that you can reach the tops of shelves and cupboards without having to get on a chair & vacuum awkwardly.

Zorb Cleaning Powder Package – acts to treat stains without wet cleaning.

What’s the Difference Between the DC41 and DC65 Animal Complete?

So apart from the slight change in design (as you can see from the images above) and weight change, the significant difference has come in the vast cleaning enhancements that have been undertaken in the DC65.

The Winner: The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

Which Vacuum Should You Buy the DC41 or DC65 Animal Complete?

The DC65 Animal Complete will be about a $100 more expensive than the DC41, but even so, it is still definitely worth going with the DC65 — this vacuum will last you a long time and offers you literally the very best in vacuuming (having been proven it is twice as good as its next best competitor), making the vacuuming chore so much easier! But which vacuum will you buy the DC41 or DC65 Animal Complete?

Note: when you buy either vacuum new, you will also get an industry leading 5 year warranty coverage protecting it.

Finally, if you have any questions or concerns regarding either the comparison overview of the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Vs DC41 Animal Complete then please make them below & if you’ve found the article useful it would be great if you could give it a like or share.