The Undeniable Benefits of Ceramic Performance Brake Pads

All cars require brake pads to successfully and safely come to a halt. Brakes are a rather complex system that can be explained in the simpler terms as follows. Your brake pads attach to the discs in the front of your car’s wheels. These discs create friction when the pads press down onto them, helping the car come to a safe halt. When you press your brake pedal, the calipers are flooded with brake fluid, which helps the hydraulics press them against the pads, which then depress against the discs, creating the necessary friction to reverse the inertia of the vehicle. Bake pads need to be able to be highly heat resistant as well as resistant to wear and tear to in order to function effectively. A common complaint about many car brakes is that they are noisy and create a lot of excess brake dust that can coat the rims and make the car look dirty. Many car owners are now opting instead for higher quality ceramic performance brake pads because of the following benefits they have to offer to car owners.

Ceramic brake pads operate more quietly than metal brake pads do. That’s because they are actually made from both copper and highly durable ceramic materials. Unlike your conventional metal brake pads, which are comprised of both steel and other fibers, which actually are corrosive as well, ceramic pads operate quieter because the ceramic creates less vibrations on the discs and rotors when in use.

Another thing that car owners love about ceramic brakes is that they are cleaner than standard brake pads. The ceramic materials are able to absorb a much denser rate of heat, and are able to also dissipate it more efficiently. This also results in less brake dust being created – which is that nasty dust that coats the rims of many cars that are outfitted with conventional braking systems.

One more area where ceramic pads outdo metallic ones is in longevity. Certainly, there are no brake pads in existence that can last forever. However, that does not mean that you have to use ones that wear out faster, either. Ceramic pads can outlive metallic ones by about 10 to 20 percent, dependent upon your personal driving and braking habits of course.

They are also ideal for performance cars, like customized cars or racing cars because they are able to absorb more heat when stopping. Since customized cars and sports cars are designed to travel at higher rates of speed, it is necessary to also outfit them with efficient brakes that are capable of retaining the heat that will be created by the friction from suddenly stopping at high rates of speed.

The one con, perhaps, to these types of brake pads is that they will cost car owners more than the standard metallic ones will. When you consider this con as compared to the numerous aforementioned benefits, it’s rather easy to understand why more drivers are relying upon ceramic pads as opposed to the conventional ones.