News The Unsolved mystery of Voynich Manuscript

The Unsolved mystery of Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich Manuscript is a book created in the early 15th century which is entirely composed of a language never seen before. The book consists of approximately 235 pages (some of which are missing) made up of vellum material and on them 38000 characters of an unknown script; it contains many colored drawings of plants, stars, nymphs and some provincial but lively characters, drawn in ink. It also contains star charts which make some people think that it has some alien related stuff, while the others think that it is about medicines. The text of the book is written left to right. The size of the book is 23.5 by 16.2 by 5 centimeters (9.3 by 6.4 by 2.0 in). The book is named on a Polish-American antiquarian bookseller, Wilfrid M. Voynich, who acquired it in 1912. It is currently owned by Yale University gifted to them by Hans P. Kraus in 1969

The Unsolved mystery of Voynich Manuscript

The book consists of many different illustrations which include biological, astronomical, herbal, cosmological, and pharmaceutical sections, and some recipes. Much of the manuscript resembles the herbal manuscripts of the 1500s. It is said to be possibly created in the northern Italy during the period of the Italian renaissance. Many of the images in the book follow the basic iconography found in other ancient texts. The book’s author, script, language, illustrations are all unknown today. Many cryptographers have tried deciphering the book but none of them have succeeded yet. The history of the books ownership is filled with some gaps, it starts from the Emperor Rudolph II of Germany (Holy Roman Emperor, 1576-1612), who believed that it was the work of Roger Bacon (a famous English philosopher). The Unsolved mystery of Voynich Manuscript

The book has become a famous mystery because many people think that it may contain some important scientific or magical knowledge, while others speculate that it might be just nonsense, but still no one knows what really is in the book.

The Unsolved mystery of Voynich Manuscript
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