The Use of Kettlebells in MMA Training

Mixed martial arts workouts are not just about fighting or performing technique. It is also about strength and conditioning. There is literally nothing worse than being a great fighter who cannot execute a potential winning move because of a decided lack of strength. This will raise the obvious question: what can a fighter do in order to enhance strength and endurance in order to succeed at mixed martial arts training? There are quite a number of ways to do this and among the most popular would be kettlebell swinging.

Kettlebells are not new inventions as they were popular in Russia well over 100 years ago. They have only recently experienced a huge increase in popularity and such popularity is well deserved. Kettlebell exerises can greatly enhance strength and conditioning. Kettlebells are also perfect for MMA competition for several reasons. Among them would be:

Kettlebells provide the perfect alternative for traditional free weight lifting exercises. No one would infer that there is anything wrong with pumping iron but the goals achieved through traditional weightlifting are different than what you gain from swinging kettlebells. Namely, you will not bulk up via a kettlebell workout as you would if you had to lift very heavy free weights. This way, you can maintain the proper weight you would prefer as opposed to carrying a lot of excess muscle mass.

Kettlebells also deliver the benefit of providing motion thanks to the swinging of the weights. These swinging motions add to the plyometric benefits of the workouts. The performance of mixed martial arts often requires a great deal of explosion. When you swing kettlebells, you greatly enhance this explosive movement tremendously. Those training MMA in Portland, OR will quickly see the great benefits to plyometric training almost immediately.

Muscular endurance is also increased when you perform kettlebell exercises. Muscles that fatigue easy are never a help to those hoping to perform at their best either in practice or competition. Strength in the muscles is not just about how much you can lift. It is also about how powerful your endurance is. Keep this in mind when you are seeking effective supplementary MMA workouts for your needs.

Kettlebell workouts are convenient. You can easily perform a full workout in your apartment, a local park, etc. Kettlebells are also reasonably priced so you will not need to pay tremendous amounts of money to acquire a set. With such cost and convenience, more people will have great access to the benefits of kettlebell workouts at a mixed martial arts in Portland gym.

When you take time out to examine all these great benefits with kettlebell exercises, you will quickly discover that they are perfect for MMA workouts.

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