The Various Stages & Process of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet and rugs have been a part of the American home decor since before the Civil War. There are a variety of carpet and rug types and makes available on the market. Manhattan is no exception. You can purchase Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, Berber carpet as well as expensive silk carpet. It is important to keep your carpets and rugs clean at all times. The process of carpet cleaning has been perfected by FlatRateCarpet.

The first stage of rug cleaning involves staging your area properly. This process involves putting away all small items that from sunglasses on your table to magazines in your news rack. We will then begin to arrange your furniture so that we can work properly after things have been neatly put away. This completes the initial staging process.

The second important stage is the discovery process. At this point we will begin to look for stains or highly soiled areas on your carpet. We will also notice smells or find harmful mold or mildew that has formed on the carpet. We will also notify you of these stains prior to steam cleaning your rug.

The third stage of carpet cleaning involves a thorough vacuum with an industrial type vacuum cleaner. Standard vacuum cleaners cannot remove all the dirt from your carpet. Therefore, we make use of our high powered industrial sized machines that can get down into your carpet and get out all the dirt and tiny particles.

We then begin to treat spot or soiled areas with an organic pre spot carpet cleaning solution once the vacuum is completed. We only use biodegradable cleaners that will not harm your carpet or lower the indoor air quality standards of your home or office. Repeated usage of non organic carpet cleaning products will actually harm your rug as well as your breathable air.

The fourth stage of the process of carpet cleaning involves the use of a modern carpet cleaning machine that utilizes soft water to properly steam clean your rug. Manhattan residents will love the brand look to your rug that the use of this machine leaves.

We will then begin to look for spots or stains that did not come out during the initial cleaning process. We only use organic carpet stain removing solvents that do not damage your rug. In the event that a stain does not come out you will be immediately notified.

Lastly, we will then rake your rug/carpet with a special rake in order to prop up the strands of carpet. This allows for the carpet to dry quicker as well. Finally we will proudly walk you through your home or office so that you may inspect our work. Should any problems need correction we will immediately look for a resolution that satisfies both parties.

FlatRateCarpet has been in business serving Manhattan since 1996. During those years we have learned a few things about the process of carpet cleaning. All of our service technicians are properly trained to make sure that they are able to provide the best quality service. Call us now at 866-466-4576 and set up an appointment immediately.