News The Warmlet -- and Why You Need It

The Warmlet — and Why You Need It


Across the world, innovation continues to grow and die in a different way every day. Great figureheads like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and the limitless number of startups offering alternative services and products continue to give ‘innovation’ a quality name. So much of how people think can be observed in the products they actively make and use, and traveling to new places will further expose the differences and similarities between cultures and nations. One of the biggest areas we all partake in is how people make do with their waste, and in this case human waste.

If you’re squeamish, rest easy; this is a simple introduction to a product we all can benefit from and enjoy.

The Warmlet — and Why You Need It

What is it?

The Warmlet is, simply put, a better toilet. As of this moment it is generally found in Japan (unless you’ve got some extra cash you want to blow), and in every feasible way it far exceeds anything that anyone who hasn’t been here has ever used. An industry has developed since it was first introduced, and it continues to grow worldwide as more and more people realize what they’re missing. Variations of the Warmlet exist to cover a wide range of needs and desires. Many of you might be thinking that really, it’s just a toilet, it’s been perfected already, but just wait until that winter night when you’ve got a heated seat in a frozen bathroom. No more easing yourself slowly down onto a block of ice and waiting to feel your thighs again; it’s the real deal.

What can it do?

Most Warmlets offer the chance to use a bide, as well as their own cleaning options. That means less paper used and less cleaning needed on the daily, which is only the beginning. These are the simple models, with more of the advanced ones offering the chance to listen to music, lids that slow when coming down so as not to violently slam, automatic flushing, the recording and storage of times when they’re most often used so they can power down when likely not to be in use, and even air conditioning on hot summer days. And yes, the heating option is adjustable as well. Many even have a flush button, which is much more appealing in a public restroom (many public restrooms are Warmlets).

Well then.

Words are empty air in the face of experience. Short of coming to Japan just to use the bathroom, a little extra money can allow for an ‘upgrade’ that will make all the difference on a cold day. The toilet has been used for thousands and thousands of years, and this Warmlet is the epitome of what’s possible in our restroom experience. That is, until the next bout of innovation hits us, but short of wearing a space suit, that isn’t too likely in the coming few years.

The Warmlet — and Why You Need It
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