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The Wedding Guest List


Making out the wedding guest list can be very difficult if you are planning your wedding celebration on a budget. There are many things to consider, but most importantly you should remember that you want your wedding day to be joyous.

Ideally, one might want to invite everyone they have ever met to their wedding. Financially, this concept may not be feasible. Making a list of potential wedding guests is the first thing you should do. This is the draft list and you will not need to refrain from making it as long as it has the potential to become. So go ahead and list everyone you know.

Put the important family members on the top of your wedding guest list, in a section of their own, because it will be easier to break it down later. This will also prevent the potential to forget to invite all of your relatives to your wedding. You may want to consult with your parents, future in-laws and your groom to insure that you haven’t missed anyone.

One of two things will be apparent once the list is complete. Either it is just right and you do not have to pick and choose or it is ridiculous in length and there is no way that you could afford to feed all of the guests at your wedding reception. If the latter is the case then it is time to break it down.

If you listed everyone you have ever met then the most obvious is to remove all ex’s. Both the bride and groom likely have ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, and they do not need to be a part of the precious celebration of your love with your future spouse.

After you have cleaned up the obvious, take a look at the names that are left on your wedding guest list. Consider the relationship you share with each person. How close are you? Are you inviting them out of guilt or because you are afraid you’ll offend them if you don’t invite them to your wedding? Keep in mind; these questions do not apply to family members. If your immediate family says you should invite them then it is likely a good idea. Scratch off the names that you can. Pair it down to a nice rounded number that you can afford to entertain and feed.

Remember your wedding day is a special day, so only invite the ones that you would like to share the memory with. You are not obligated to invite all your co-workers to your wedding. Invite the ones that you are close too and hope that the others understand why they weren’t invited. It is your day, as well as the grooms; get the wedding guest list out of the way so that you can concentrate on other less stressful tasks.

The Wedding Guest List
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