The Weight Vest: Helping You Build Muscle While Providing Protection

A weight vest is usually made to be heavy in order to serve different fields including sports, police department, training centers such as the gym, medical places like hospitals. The small weights are added to the vest to increase endurance when performing repetitive activities and slow or control movements as a method of adding resistance to body weight exercises. In sports the heavy vests are used for protection; these are usually games that involve knocking and other cases fighting. Some of the games involve boxing and the vest plays part in protecting the players against serious injuries resulting from the fist and also kick it karate. In gyms it is used for technical training, these results in building the muscles below the chest and also helps in keeping one fit thus acting as a form of exercise. It provides unmatched comfort; versatility and convenience during training. It an important facility when achieving the goal of weight loss without the use of drugs and other cosmetics.

In police departments the vests are recommended for the purposes of protection. These kinds of weight vests are specially made to prevent the bullets from getting through. This is very important to police because it protects them against major injuries and even deaths. Police usually wear them when trying to control as well as fight riots in chaotic places. In some cases the weighted bullet proof vests are worn when dealing with criminals who may appear to be armed. This helps and being used for combating terrorism by various police departments including, air force, marine, FBI and other special forces.

In medical places the weight vest is also used to correct some conditions. This is recommended by the physiotherapist in order to correct fractures and deformed bone on your back. Firefighters use the weight vest for protecting them against injuries from falling objects as a result of a burning structure as well as dissipation of heat from the fire. Weight vest also have other important functions like supporting movements, limitation of flexibility and supporting the proper form of the body. They are usually made from a variety of fabric and material depending on the intended use. The fabrics assist a lot in dissipating heat and supporting their function. The vest are made in different designs including; nylon mesh, reflective tape, padded shoulders, a number of individual weight pockets for weight distribution and also pocket for MP3 player in case you need it.