The Whirlwind Wedding

Just the very idea of it is exciting and oh so romantic. And whether you are getting married in a hurry because you simply can’t wait or for more practical reasons, a last minute rush down the aisle could be the most joyous and spontaneous thing you ever do.

The lead up however could be something quite different. Planning weddings can be stressful at the best of times and with plenty of notice, but if you are limiting yourself to just a few short months or even weeks, this process can turn into a minefield.

We talked with the owners of Birtsmorton Court and asked them a few tips about last minute weddings. We got also a few of our own ideas, enjoy:

The key to last minute weddings is organisation, and lists. You are going to need a lot of lists!

Luckily we’ve put together a few bits of invaluable advice that we’ve picked up along the way. So, don’t be daunted, delegate! The lead up to your big day might be a short one, but it doesn’t have to be a hard one.

One of the biggest time savers can be the simplest of things. It is knowing what you want. Before you go dress shopping, to the florists, to the jeweler, have most of your decisions already made. With a quick wedding there just isn’t time for all the umms and ahhs. We promise, this will save you a mountain of time. Pre-plan and take pictures of the cake/dress/bouquet ideas that you like. The firmer your mind, the faster the vendor can get to work.

And speaking of the vendors, you are going to need to start making a big list. Find out the latest booking times for ordering each element of the wedding and prioritise your list accordingly. (This is a good task to delegate, and not just because it’s a dull one.)

You may not have time for a custom made gown, so off the rack is the best option, but remember, even that may take up to three weeks to do all the adjustments, so leave yourself enough time.

It’s fairly safe to say however that the first thing on that list should be sorting out your venue. And here is our best tip. When time is of the essence, let the venue do as much as possible for you. There are some fantastic venues, such as the stunning historic manor house Birtsmorton Court in Worcestershire, which because of their experience, facilities and contacts could be about to save you weeks of work. This venue in particular has it’s own church, so in one swoop you could have the ceremony, reception, catering and party confirmed and a weight off your mind. A venue that has extensive wedding experience will also often have dedicated wedding planner teams that themselves can help you with the planning process. The more the venue can do the better. It’s things like ordering in glasses and crockery etc. that are going to really slow you down.

Oh and don’t forget the guests. Romantically spontaneous as your own personal whirlwind may be, you need to give your guests as much notice as possible in order to attend. So as soon as that venue is booking and you have a date, get those invitations out. Forget ordering custom-made ones and go for something rustic and hand-made, much quicker and with a personal touch.

Sometimes a last minute wedding can really work in your favour. Often the venue will have late availability, or last minute wedding deals especially as we are moving away from the summer months. So even though you are booking at short notice, it doesn’t mean it will cost you the earth for a magical winter wedding.

Hopefully we have helped set your mind at ease about a few things. Just remember, don’t listen to anyone who says you can’t pull off a spectacular wedding quickly. It’s going to take organisation, a decisive mind and some heavy levels of delegation, but it can be done.

Good luck!

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