The Widest 14 Foot Jon Boats

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The widest 14 foot jon boats can be found from a number of different manufacturers. While there are lots of watercraft makers out there, very few make a nice, wide aluminum model that’s suitable for most outdoorsman and fishermen. In this article, I’d like to share some of the widths of today’s makers, along with some info about why you want to go wide with your 14 footer.

Why Wider is Better

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There are many reasons you’ll want the beam as big as possible. Listed below are some of the benefits, whether you go with riveted or welded models, whether you buy from Amazon or another seller.

Stability: This is probably the best reason to go with a wider unit. The increased stability means you’re less likely to tip or capsize. This is good news for people that like to fish on the lake or go duck hunting in a pond or river.

Room: For storage and your legs. You’ll love having more square footage to keep your fishing rods, equipment, and feet. It’s a great benefit.

Higher Horsepower Rating: Each boat can only handle a certain size motor. With the widest 14’ jon boats, you can put a little bit bigger outboard motor on it. This will get you moving accross the water faster.

Width By Manufacturer

Tracker: The Tracker topper 1436 has a beam that measures 53 inches, which is pretty wide. At only $700 new, you cannot go wrong. In addition, they also carry a 1448 Grizzly model with measures in at 72 inches wide.

Lund: The 1448 Lund jon boat comes in at 70 inches, while their 1436L model goes at a respectable 57 inches wide. Lund is known as one of the best in the world, so you will be getting quality and a great warranty.

SeaArk: Formerly Monark, the 1448 FN (flat nose) is 67”, making it a good option for most. This is a good manufacturer that provides a quality product.

Lowe: Low jon boats have several option to consider. L1436 measures up at 57 inches, while the 14 foot Big Jon comes in at a nice 70” in width. Many dealers carry the Lowe brand as they are not cheap, but offer competitive pricing on quality units.

Alumacraft: The MV 1448 is a full 70”wide, while the 1442 LW is a still respectable 62 beam. This is another good manufacturer that you can trust.

The widest 14 foot jon boats are available at dealers and marinas near you.

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The Widest 14 Foot Jon Boats, Seekyt
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