The Wire You Need When You Need It

In manufacturing, wire is often extremely important, especially if you work with any sort of electronics or the production of hardware material. Of course, when you order wire it is not usually going to come to you in the right shape and size. In fact, you probably just receive large spindles of wire upon delivery, which is great and all as it does not require much space, but then it means you need to cut the wire yourself, not to mention straighten it out of the curvature it is formed into and make it usable for your manufactured item. This can take all sorts of additional manhours on top of more hardware and equipment to perform the straightening and wire cutting services. Your warehouse might not have the required space for this, and you also might not have the manpower or even the money to pay for the additional employees on hand. This is why you need to take advantage of quality wire cutting services. This way, your wire is going to be straightened, cut and delivered right to your company, ready for production. with the help of Laurel Wire Company, all of the hard work is done for you.

Types of Wire

Naturally, your business relies on different kinds of wire than what another company might require. Due to this though, you need to locate a wire cutting service that is able to process the exact kind of wire you might need. You should not be forced to alter the kind of wire you use simply to adhere to what the wire straightening company is able to work with. At Laurel Wire Company, there is a large number of wire options you can use and they can process. Regarding stainless wires, as long as it is a 300 or 400 series wire, everything is fine. When it comes down to non ferrous wire, phosphor bronze, copper and brass also are processed by the company. Beyond this, the company can work with lo carbon, bright basic, galvanized plated, nickel plated, hafnium, molybdenum, inconel, monel, silver, hastelloy and aluminum. Plus, all tempers are accepted, so no matter what kind of temper you require, it is possible to have Laurel Wire Company process, cut and straighten it down to your specific needs.

Size of Wire

Laurel Wire Company can work with both round wire and flat wire, in addition to strip material, depending on what the strip material is. The company has the ability to cut and straighten wire ranging from .02 of an inch all the way up to .375 of an inch. It also can work with lengths up to 40 feet, so if there is a set length you need your wire cut and straightened to, Laurel Wire Company can work with your needs.

When it comes down to improving the bottom line of your company, it is necessary to reduce the expensive machinery your business must purchase and take care of in addition to the number of employees you have on site. While you may want to invest eventually into the purchase and installation of wire cutting and straightening equipment as your business grows, for the time being, it is likely more cost effective to simply have an outside service provider perform this sort of alteration for you. This way, you can save on the amount of space you need inside the manufacturing plant, not to mention all of your wire is delivered and ready for your particular manufacturing needs. For any sort of quote or assistance in whether or not your kind of wire can be processed, the Laurel Wire Company has the ability to quote you a price and inform you whether or not they can offer the wire cutting services your business needs. So, when it comes down to improving your production potential, look into the wire cutting services provided by Laurel Wire Company.