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The World Largest Mall and Largest Climate-Controlled City In Dubai

Dubai is the most famous city in the Emirate (UAE) and the most well-known place all over the world as it has a very good shape and wide streets with the famous skylines with a great design will steal your eyes from the moment you see it.

Although it’s an Arabian country and located in Africa and in the past it was an empty desert but, in the last few years Dubai’s people could develop it so fast to make it like a peace of Europe among the Arabian countries and a favorite place for tourists from all around the world.

In fact, not only the tourists but also many actors and directors prefer to make their movies in Dubai to have a good scene with the very beautiful background to make the scene looks perfect. Singers like to make their video clips there front of the tourist places in order to create a unique scene.

In the light of the fast developing and raising Dubai place front of the world. Dubai will construct The World’s Mall that will be one of the hugest projects in Dubai and for the first time ever it will be climate-controlled and it also will contain a very big number of hotels could reach 100 hotels and a big garden games and big car park as more than 50000 cars and a shopping.

The mall will take 2 Million and half –square meter and will has many shops and many international brands plus many other services that will make you can not leave it as this project will be constructed on 146 Million -square meter and it’s also going to contain more than 180 Million persons.

This Project will have a very good effect on tourism and economic and that will increase the income of Dubai and also will generate job vacancies for people of Dubai and also the residents. As we all know that Dubai is a very good land for job vacancies and there are many labors come from the other Arab countries in order to get a job there, and by constructing this project it will need many labors to build it such as engineers and construction workers, etc. and after that it will also keep generating job vacancies for all, because it has many hotels, shops and the car park and many others that will give a hand to people.

In fact, it is not going to have the hotels, shops and the car park. It is going to have a theater and it will be impressed with New York theaters from the side of design and colors and also the shops will be also impressed with the London’s Shops to give the mall a perfect shape and to make you feel like you are in Europe.

With a very great idea the mall will contain a treatment place on 3 Million -square meter in order to enhance the medical tourism and that will make a follow of people to visit this mall, because they will not only going to make a shopping but also will spend a good time and get a treatment.

Actually when you go there, you are to find all the facilities front of your eyes, and don’t think more about where you will park you car? Or is there what I’m looking for?
Just think about one thing think about how you will entertain yourself there.

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