The World of Cheap Chinese Imports

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China has taken over the Third World. It didn’t send an Army, it didn’t pay dissidents to over or under throw any government, it just someone got the permits to import a lot of very cheap and very crappy goods.

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In early days, right after G.E and Phillips and all the other Big Companies left China and the Factories and workers reverted to Chinese control one was really getting a top of the line product at bottom of the line prices.

Then, of course, the cheaper and shoddier the better.

To last two years is a long time for a Chinese product, whether T.V. or Fridge. Clothing? If you get five wears, that is a lot.

The pants tear because they are so badly made. The bottoms fall off the shoes.

You don’t have to do anything. You can be a 65 year old woman who wears those pants to the supermarket and comes home and changes into a nightie. The pants tear by the most innocent wears.

You only have to walk in the shoes for the bottoms to fall off.

It doesn’t matter how nice you treat the items, they are born bad.

Where, in the old days, everything came from England or America with a few sprinklings of other European nations, now everything comes from China.

At first no one noticed. Who cares? How big a market is Zambia or Jamaica?

But when it is 90% of all African Nations, 90% of all Caribbean markets which are importing from China and NOT America, then the impact is felt.

In Jamaica you have to search for non-Chinese products. I mean search. 99.99% of all electronics, are from China. Almost all clothing is from China. There is a small shop which actually is 100% American women’s clothing, which I have to frequent like a drug addict going for a fix, because having been embarrassed once with a tearing in my jeans, I never want to go through that again.

The First World has to revamp and come again. Get their products on the shelves. Whether they can set up little factories here or in the US and England, they have to come back.

If these Chinese pants sell for $1k then if America can get it’s price to $1.5k everyone will race to buy. That is because everyone is walking around in clothes that are falling apart with the price tag still on them.

It has been a brilliant ploy, I’ll give China that.

Where other countries had to invade and colonise and force close markets, the Chinese just pop up, open a shop, and start to sell. They don’t care if the country is a democracy or dictatorship.

They don’t care if police are shooting people in the street or handing out gift baskets. All they care about is making a profit.

And they make a profit.

So you bought that coffee maker in 2013? It’s dead by 2015 and you have to buy another. Sure, when it was a British item you bought it in 1990 and are still using it.

The only reason you junked your Black and White T.V. is because you bought colour. Now, if a Chinese T.V. works for two years you want to buy it a gift.

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The World of Cheap Chinese Imports, Seekyt
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