The Worlds Best Hotdog Chili Recipe

Hotdog Chili Challenge

The Worlds Best Hotdog Chili Recipe is about to make you even more popular than you already are. No doubt you make some very good hotdog chili but is it the worlds best hotdog chili? There’s one way to find out. Let’ put your chili recipe to the taste test and then try the chili from the recipe below.

Kitchen Preparation

Make sure to begin and end by washing your hands. Try to keep your hands, the utensils, the kitchenware and the area clean when you prepare and serve food.

Select a non-stick frying pan to brown ground beef in. Place the frying pan on the kitchen range and set the heat on medium high.

Don’t go overboard with the ground beef. A little bit of ground beef will go a long way. Put the ground beef into the frying pan and use a fork or spoon to mix it so that it breaks up into fine little pieces.

Preparing the Beef

Stir the beef until all of it has been cooked thoroughly and browned. This next step is one of the most important steps. Place a strainer in the kitchen sink and pour the beef into the strainer to strain out any grease. Run cold water through the chili while it’s in the strainer to get all of the grease out. Gently shake the strainer from side to side to remove any excess grease. Removing the grease this way makes a huge difference in the way your hotdog chili will taste and it may help you keep looking slim and trim.

The Secret to the World’s Best Hotdog Chili

Now place the beef back into the frying pan and return it to the kitchen range. Set the heat on the range to low heat. Here’s the tricky part. Mix the pack of chili seasoning, a tablespoon of chili powder and ketchup into the beef. Add the ketchup SLOWLY to control the consistency and flavor of the chili. This part is tricky because there’s not an exact amount of ketchup for the recipe. You have to wing it when it comes to the ketchup.

Do a taste test on the chili as it simmers. Allow the ground beef to cook completely before serving.

So, what do you think? Do you think your chili recipe deserves the title of The Worlds Best Hotdog Chili Recipe? If so, my hat’s off to you and would you please publish your recipe if you don’t mind?

Tips & Warnings

Keep empty 2 liter soda bottles or clothes detergent bottles to pour cooled grease in and toss them in the trash. Run hot water into the kitchen sink when you strain the beef. This helps keep the drain and sewer system in your neighborhood from clogging.

Use care and protection against burns when working with and around hot equipment.

Microwave leftover chili in a glass Pyrex dish. Don’t use plastic like Tupperware to reheat chili because it leaves a permanent stain on plastic.

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