The Worst Business Practician

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I wish I was making this up, but alas, this is an actual report of a business which is run by a standard Boss From Hell. The majority are spiraling failures. This term means those who are going down the drain, each year, a little lower.

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These are things you don’t do.

1. No Ink

This BFH will buy one (1) replacement. When it runs out, someone has to tell him. Most of the employees don’t. By the time he finds out, two or three days of work have been put on hold.

2. No Paper

As mentioned above, he will buy one (1) ream. When it finishes, the staff says nothing until he starts demanding ‘urgent’ work be printed.

These two features, which can be extended to every single office supply, from computers to chairs, to stamps, is the way NOT to run a business. One must always have extra so that work does not stop until if/when the helper goes out and returns with the supplies.

3. Prioritising

Some things can be done today, tomorrow, next week, or next month. There is no pressure. Yes, they are important, but they are not urgent. There is no near dead line.

There are other items which need to be done now, need to be out of the office now, and that one hour is too long a wait.

When one can not see the difference between an item which ought have been completed yesterday and one that can be postponed to next month, it is certain that lots of mistakes are going to be made.

The staff, demotivated by the BFH don’t care. If Boss was removed in handcuffs, they don’t care. So the fact that he has missed a deadline, is a ‘so what?’ to the staff.

4. Wasting Time

Most Bosses from Hell can waste more time than anyone can imagine. He, needing to stoke his ego, to prove his power, will ‘force’ an employee to sit and wait. Now he may be having orgasm just knowing he is so powerful. But the fact is, the worker doesn’t care, because s/he is not working. S/he is sitting, doing nothing. It matters not whether the pause is ten minutes or two hours. It is his work not being done.

I worked for one complete disaster who used to spend an hour in the morning, walking around the yard, picking up pebbles, surveying the pipes, looking at the plants, with this purposefulness. This meant, of course, that for that one hour, we slept. Now why he would waste our time with his mental problems, well…he was a Boss From Hell.

5. Demotivation

It is easy to motivate staff with a few compliments, some cheap gifts, some smiles. One small gift can last a long time. Motivated staff is pro active. They will see the ink is low and proclaim…”We Have To Buy Ink!”

Motivated staff will say, “This is more important than that!” They will see a deadline approaching…”I have to work on this file because it is due on Friday!” They will tell the Boss; “Can we deal with this later? I have to finish…”

Demotivated staff couldn’t care less. The ink runs out, no one speaks. It becomes a joke when Boss says, “Why didn’t you Print the Report?” And the worker says, “There’s no paper.”

Demotivated staff couldn’t care less about deadlines, priorities, if the building burns to the ground.

It is very easy to demotivate Staff…insult them. Berate them. Do it once, never need to do it again. Cut their pay for being late, once. They won’t care and will be late, deliberately when it most crucial.

If you are a Boss from Hell, you won’t get far. You’ll be in a permanent download spiral. And you’ll go down the drain.

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The Worst Business Practician, Seekyt
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