The worst part of planning a wedding, and how to avoid it

I am writing this article for those who are engaged, or those who will eventually be engaged and those who are in a serious relationship. In this article will be of good use to anyone and everyone who will eventually help a loved one plan their wedding. If you fall into any of these categories, please keep reading.
The most dreaded part of planning a wedding
The hardest part of planning a wedding for the bride and the groom is the fact that they will have disagreements in their planning. These disagreements can lead to frustration and arguments. I have even seen these arguments turn into constant fighting and in one case, just before a Salt Lake Wedding, a devastating wedding cancellation. I never want to see this happen again.
My goal in writing is to help couples avoid this at all costs. If I succeed then I know that writing this article has been a success. Please apply what you have learned after reading this article.
A word to the happy couple
You are getting married because you deeply love each other. This experience should be the happiest experience of your life. You need to start your marriage the right way. That is to be more in love than the day before you are married. Fighting and arguing can make this task difficult.
Fighting or arguing is a result of the stresses that come with planning a wedding. While you plan your wedding you will have lots on your mind. You will have many decisions to make. You will learn that everything costs money. Please set a budget together, and stick to that budget. Do not start your marriage in debt.
Be patient with each other. Make sure you understand that your companion may be short tempered because of the stress. All they need is someone to listen and that has to be you. Always talk to each other before making big decisions. I promise if you do this, your stress will be low.
A word to the groom
Most grooms know this and most grooms forget this. The wedding is about her, it is about your future bride. Throughout your life you will make decisions together. While planning your wedding, let her make the decisions. As long as she stays within the budget and makes decisions with your thoughts and opinions in mind, she should have the deciding vote.
This is hard for most men to take in but please realize that colors and decorations and dresses and cakes are not important in the long run. So let her have what she wants, as long as she is staying within your budget.
A word to the bride
Most brides know this and most brides love this fact. You are the most important person at your wedding. Having said this, I need to warn you. I have seen countless future brides take advantage of this fact. This is a major cause of stress on the groom. Please don’t abuse the fact that you’re the decision maker.
As you make decisions, remember that the thoughts and opinions of your companion are still important. Your future husband has good ideas and valid concerns. You need to make sure he knows that he is important and his thoughts are important as you make decisions. When you have disagreements, talk about them and talk about the final decision that will be made.
I truly hope that these words save you from a great deal of stress. I hope that your wedding is fascinating and that you enjoy your wedding as well as planning your wedding. Good luck with starting a new life together.

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