The Youth and the Futile

Who are You?

You should obviously know which generation that shall continue to live today you’re from. Before or during your progression of the comprehension of my words, ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of people do I call my friends?

Should I be proud of my generation? Why?

What is good about me that other people enjoy about my character?

Then, compare yourself to the opposing generation as such: Parents or adults, compare to your kids’ generation. Vice Versa. So, let us continue as I address my topics I have yet to bang on about.

The Youth Culture

I live in this generation, but I can’t always say I am proud of it. I mean, sure we have the technology, and we are somewhat experienced with it, but we didn’t invent it. As well as sports, something that we absolutely enjoy, basketball, football, and soccer. So it is so far a good lifestyle. Well, I have been trying to avidly find a flaw in our generation, so here’s where my dad comes in. He is a Filipino and lived with 6 other children. He always has something to tell me about his childhood and trying to assist his own parents in trying to make a living in poverty. Today, their house is very nice and was renovated quite a bit, but apparently it was horrible back then. Anyways, he always made me realize how much labor my generation doesn’t do.

The ‘Swag’ Aspect

I like staying clean and I enjoy skinny jeans, not really because of the trend, I actually enjoyed wearing nerdy cargo pants for carrying lots of gadgets in my pockets, but skinny jeans are my favorite pants to wear on a school day. Although, the pants kind of got quite ruined when the swag thing moved into town. Their bright shoes, ‘fixies’ which are road bikes with bright colors used not so much for visibility, but for being fashionable, and by that, I mean cool. What exactly is the point of yellow, pink , or red painted on your tires, then scaring away innocent mothers and children by riding in groups of 6-10, and slowing cars down in large, wide streets and irritating the drivers.



Internet, we live in this age of time where internet has apparently become some wonder of america or something like that. We just somehow have the need to believe and be gullible enough to be convinced by what we see on the internet, whether its rumors, information, videos, music, celebrity sneak peeks, etc. Why? We have always these social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, MySpace, etc. Do we seriously have the integrity to say that we read some information from a book, or talked to someone about it? No, because anyone can put ANYTHING on the web, and the public can feed off of all the posting, and the rumors, and the information. It’s not only coming from internet, but there is other sources that are as infecting as internet.


TMZ, Access Hollywood, you know the names, and what purpose do they serve? Well, at the celebrities’ expenses, they do give away free and false rumors to keep the celebrity a taste of Hollywood fame. Poor guys, they don’t really know what they signed up for. There really isn’t any escape for it, but to me, it is absolutely disrespectful.

Where be thy parents???

At home, you have the modern family. Two adults, who are obviously parents, are at work, the kid at school, parents come back home way later than the time the kid comes back from school. Less time with parents, but every minute counts. Every minute of education they could’ve provided for the child, lost. Unless they didn’t really teach their children much.


I really didn’t think that spitting out all this text would be this hard, but it is really frustrating criticizing your own kin. It takes patience to watch the other fail in its own pathetic nature, or observe one thrive on its own, but the thing we need to know is, will this all become unknown after we’re all dead? Do we act how we do because we’ll forget it all? Even this text might be lost and forgotten by the responsible beings. We shouldn’t take it for granted, because life is long, unless you get cut short, and see the light too quickly.