There Is Life On Other Worlds

The evidence in favor of there being life on other worlds is so strong, that I state it as a certainty. This article briefly presents the evidence for life on other worlds in terms of both the scientific and creationist/religious perspectives.

The question “is there life on other worlds?” reduces to the question “can life begin there?” Once life begins it can be assumed to continue. Let us look at “can life begin?”

We know life began here. Then the life question finally reduces to this: “can the conditions under which life originated here be found elsewhere?” As we shall see, the answer is yes.

Science Says Yes

Astronomy tells us there are billions of star galaxies, each with billions of suns, and that many of these are Earth type, the same as ours. Then having come into existence by the same processes as here, these Earth type Suns will have at least one Earth type planet orbiting them, the same as here. Astronomy also tells us that the same physical laws operate throughout the universe, acting on the same chemical elements as we have here.

There is massive evidence that life originated here about 4 billion years ago, in a water environment. Somehow under the action of UV light, lightning and volcanic discharges over millions of years, a living cell came into existence. It fed on the nutrient rich broth that made its existence possible, and then divided. The rest is history

Then since there are billions of the same environments out there, the probability that the same thing happened there as here is so great, that it is certain. Therefore based on sound very well established science, there is life on other worlds.

Religion Says Yes

Religion tells us that the universe and all in it including man and woman were created by God, and that when He looked upon this, His final creation, He found it good. Then the question is, after the creation on Earth, did He stop there? Was He so satisfied by His creation that He never created again?

Of course He may well have created life elsewhere before here. Some Earth type Suns are millions and even billions of years older than ours, After creating them all did He wait billions of years just so He could create perfection on Earth?

IF life here on Earth was perfection, then one could make an argument that before and after perfection nothing more is to be done. But- life here is far from perfect. There is ample evidence that the Lord has good reason not to be terribly pleased by humanity.

His commandments are disobeyed by people most everywhere, His prophets are murdered, as was Jesus, founder of Christianity. Many do not believe in and honor Him. Therefore it is very unlikely God sees perfection on Earth, and so never created before or after creating life on Earth.

Jesus said, “In my Father’s house are many mansions…” by mansions could the meaning be other worlds?

In terms of Creationism, the Religious belief that a Supreme Being created life here and only here is not supported by any evidence, and is in fact contrary to logic. Therefore Religion says yes, there is life on other worlds.

Most important, where there is Earth type life on other worlds, we will be able to live there also. No doubt there are many Earth type worlds out there, just waiting to be claimed.

Star Travel Is Achievable NOW

It is widely and commonly believed that star travel is not possible, due to the large distances involved. I have looked into this, and have found that this widely held belief is quite wrong. It is not the distance but the time that is a problem, and means are immediately available to reduce the transit time required to as little as desired. This can be done simply by accelerating to near light speed, when Einstein’s Time Contraction becomes as large as desired. Then by this well established scientific principle, the time required for star travel becomes quite reasonable. And therefore star travel becomes quite possible. And then so does its corollary, the colonization of Earth type worlds.

The Starship

I have written a book on the subject of the starship and colonizing other, Earth type worlds. This book explains and presents in detail how the starship would be constructed and operated. No new technology is required; everything necessary is available now. The book is published and is available now as an ebook. If any of the above interests you, then you should read this ebook. Here it is.

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Whole new Earth type worlds are there, just waiting to be claimed. It is only necessary to go there and claim them. It is only necessary to go there and claim them.

Phillip Duke Ph.D.