There Is Now An Extended Warranty On Volvo Penta Parts And Accessories

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At the end of May, it was announced that Volvo Penta would be extending their warranty for their leisure engines, parts and accessories. This means that the basic limited warranty has been extended by up to two years for the whole product and up to three years for certain major parts. As well as this, accessories that are purchased simultaneously with the leisure engine will also benefit from this new warranty program. These changes come as a relief to many customers who fear that their warranty will run out when something goes wrong.

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The new extended warranty for Volvo Penta parts, engines and accessories actually came into effect in early June. This means that, during the first two years of usage, the International Limited Warranty will offer to repair or replace any defective parts on the engine. As with similar warranties in the boating industry, it does possess an operation-hour limit depending on the type of engine and transmission used. This time limit, however, is very generous because of the fact that it applies to leisure use only.

Major Parts

Once the initial warranty period has expired, the engine’s major Volvo Penta parts will receive up to an additional three years cover. This is to lessen owner’s fears that something major will go wrong shortly after the warranty has expired. The company’s Product Quality manager. Andreas Floberg, said that “boat owners with a larger more technically complex drive system installed in their boats, like the very popular IPS, will probably appreciate the extended protection for major components the most.”


An extra feature of the warranty is that any accessories that are regarded as being part of the leisure engine package will also receive up to two years extra cover. This means that, if an accessory experiences an issue, it can be repaired or replaced under the warranty providing that it meets these specifications. It does, unfortunately, mean that any accessories that are not considered part of the engine package will not be covered and the owner will have to wear the cost of their repair or replacement.

When asked about the reasons behind the decision to extend the warranty, Floberg said that it is about their company taking responsibility for their engines and products. He also provided instructions for owners to keep their warranties intact by saying “in order for boat owners to enjoy their boating experience the most, it is also important that they perform regular service and maintenance in accordance with the instruction in the operator’s manual.” The last thing they want is for the warranty to be considered void.

If you are in the market for a leisure engine for your vessel, now is the best time for you take advantage of the extended warranty for Volvo Penta parts, engines and accessories. Why not check out the products offered by your local dealer and enquire to learn more about this warranty and what it can do for you? If your dealer is unable to answer your questions, do not hesitate to take it directly to the powers that be; their website includes frequently asked questions and other contact information.


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There Is Now An Extended Warranty On Volvo Penta Parts And Accessories, Seekyt
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