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These Safety Boots Were Made for Working

Are you looking to purchase a new pair of work boots? Heavy-duty boots are a requirement for wear in many occupations. Stay on your toes and avoid any woes by following this simple advice when purchasing your very own pair of durable boots.

Why Can’t I Just Wear My Regular Shoes to Work?

Work boots are developed for safety and performance. Style is not what’s in mind when safety boots are designed. Although some shoes feature small details that also enhance their appearance and comfort, the purpose of professional footwear is function. Nothing more.
Wearing regular street shoes to work can be a grave mistake. Just as you shouldn’t wear soccer cleats on the pavement or high heels while serving food, you certainly don’t want to wear a sleek pair of dress shoes while you’re up climbing ladders. There’s many dangers to be had when one pairs the wrong shoes for the job at hand.
Practical work shoes meet or exceed the demands of your job. They’ll help you stay comfortable and safe throughout your work day and hopefully help prevent slips, falls, and foot injuries from extensive wear, and falling debris.
There’s plenty of time to wear your street shoes when you’re out home and off duty. For now, learn how to properly outfit your work wear wardrobe with the right pair of safety boots.

Types of Safety Boots

Steel Insole
Steel insole might be the most popular and comfortable designs in safety boots. Perfect for preventing strain and injury while using excessive foot function, steel insole boots are perfect for the bike rider, commercial truck driver, and anyone who wants to keep their foot from shifting side to side from frequent movements.

Electric Hazard Boots
If your job means you are putting your life out on the electrical line, you must wear safety shoes that prevent electrical shock. Whether it is high voltage machines or wiring, shocks can be deadly and happen quickly. The right boots can reduce your risk of hazard.

Safety Toes
Whether you work with heavy equipment, in the factory, or in the mill, safety toe boots are an important addition to your professional work wear. Safety toe boots are developed with a protective layer within the toe so that any extreme force or weight can be offset by their extra protection.

Drop Hazard Boots
If your job role entails lots of heavy bending and lifting, or perhaps you work in the construction field, you’re likely familiar with the importance of wearing drop hazard boots (also known as Metatarsal boots). Metatarsals protect your toes and also offer support around the entire foot, which can help reduce the risk of joint pain and strain.

Metal Instep Boots
If you work in a glass or metal factory, wearing metal instep boots is one way you can protect yourself from any sudden injury that might occur if nails or glass accidently penetrate your footwear.

Can I Buy Cheap Shoes?
While many men and women shop discount boots, it’s important to note than you get what you pay for. A high quality pair can last years, while providing comfort and safety. You should always plan on buying the very best boots that you can afford. You’ll likely be wearing them each and every day during your work week. Your feet carry the entire weight of your body and also transport you from one place to another. Get there safely.

Where Else Can I Go Wearing My Boots?

Once you’ve invested in a solid pair of working shoes you should be diligent in protecting them from the elements to prolong their wear. This means weatherproofing fine leathers, and storing them indoors when not in use. While you might be accustomed to throwing on your boots Monday thru Friday, try to save their wear for work-related tasks. Once they’ve been put to good use and need replacement, you can rotate them into an at-home “weekend warrior” wardrobe.
Remember there are many types of safety boots. Depending on your occupation you’ll need to try them on for size. Look for quality workmanship, solid construction, and comfort. These boots, after all, are made for much more than walking.

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