They show that it is possible to take control of a car with an SMS

Researchers at the University of California demonstrated how, sending a series of SMS, could take control of a car (Corvette 2013), taking advantage of the presence of a standard device used for remote monitoring and fleet cars trucks.

This device has the ability to send text messages (reporting their position, for example), and also to receive them; and it is connected to the onboard computer of the car. So, sending SMS with specific text, the researchers were able to transmit commands to the car systems, for example, annular brake or turn the wipers.

They show that it is possible to take control of a car with an SMS

The announcement, made yesterday at the conference Usenix security experts, in addition to a similar experiment carried out at the end of last July; in that case it was possible to move the steering wheel remote.

Experts recognize that they have no absolute control over the car and that there are things that work only under certain conditions (only could void the brakes the car if he was going at low speeds, for example), but the potential danger is enormous.

Before making public its findings the researchers contacted the manufacturer of OBD2 device used to track cars and trucks. And the firm in question (Metromile, which represents US French Mobile Devices) released a security update that cancels this security hole.

But a subsequent study revealed that there are still many OBD2 devices without this patch, say the researchers in Wired, so the danger exists; In addition, these devices may be hacked to allow passage of the messages. And the problem does not only affect those designed for Mobile Devices; there are several companies that manufacture these devices, designed for monitoring truck fleets or public transport.

Thus, experts recognize the need for automakers to start thinking vehicles as computers on wheels, so it is vital to preserve your digital security ..