News Thin Film Measurement- perform data analysis to accurately measure...

Thin Film Measurement- perform data analysis to accurately measure thickness


Ideal for various technological-based industries, thin films are available as hardness coating for surface of different kinds of materials in order to provide passivation and resistance against wear and scratch. They are useful to separating layers between conductors with accuracy in thickness, roughness and composition. Furthermore, it is important to have accurate measurement of roughness, thickness and composition of these thin films. Different kinds of measurement systems with high resolution are available in the market that accurately measures the thickness of these films. For example, Thin film reflectometer is ideal to provide fibre-based, compact and non-contact quantification in a user friendly manner. It is easy to operate in comparison to ellipsometer system.

Furthermore, thin film measurement system is a cheapest solution to quantify the thickness of multi-layer coating films. It also has a capability to determine the absorption and refractive film indicators with minimal adjustment and easy handling features. With a support to desktop and in-line measurement, this system performs data analysis in order to quantify the thickness of thin films.

Features of Thin film measurement systems-

• In order to perform data analysis, measurement system uses USB spectrometer, a light source and a fiber reflectance probe.
• They substrate index evaluation of absorption and refractive indices of films
• They quantify the thickness and roughness with standard and mean deviation
• In addition, the system saves the data based on measured spectral dependent reflectance
• The system provide cursor-controlled viewing and statistics of the measurement output in a user friendly manner
• It provides material selection as per the provided user values as well as also provide flexibility in choosing range of computation wavelength
• The system requires a PC with configuration such as Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8, 800 MHz clock, RAM 512 MB.
• It measures the thickness value ranging from 20 nm to 50 µm by taking minimum time for computation

Components of a measurement system-

• Main system for thin film measurement includes a PC based optical mini spectrometer along with a USB interface
• A Tungsten Halogen light source, fiber cables and optical assemblies
• One Silicon wafer useful as reflectance standard for quantification process
• Advanced version of supportive software and hardware
• A motion-controlled and conventional microscope

These systems are application for a variety of purposes such as in production of semiconductor on wafers, liquid crystal devices, multilayer polymer films and coated optical filters. Besides, TF-166 and TF-168 both are two different types of cost effective systems that provide thickness value in few seconds to the user. Systems made with advanced technology have an ability to measure the thickness ranging from 5 nm to 200 µm.

Thin Film Measurement- perform data analysis to accurately measure thickness
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