Things I genuinely dislike, that I put up with because I'm a good person. (ish)

Let me get this out of the way first. I am by no means a person who is full of hate. I’m happy most of the time, and have had mostly good experiences in my short time on this planet.


There are some things that annoy the holy living buhjeezus out of me. The following is a list of these things, and a brief explanation as to the ‘Why?’ factor. Heck, I’ll even throw you all a bone here and include why I put up with them.

Here goes.

1. Old drivers.

I suppose when I say that old drivers annoy the crap out of me, I should clarify by stating that there are good drivers out there that happen to be old. Like three of them. If you are one of those three lucky ones then you need not be offended. The rest of them, however, give me ulcers. Watching an old person drive in front of you is pretty similar to being stuck in line at the DMV. You’re not getting anywhere fast.

Being stuck behind an old person isn’t the worst that could happen though. There’s the chance of getting into a fender bender in a parking lot. While your car was stationary. In a parking space. While you were in the store…

Why do you put up with this?!

What can I do? Slap an old lady? That’s not chill, although sometimes I have to restrain myself. No one else is going to hold me back.

These beings, if combined, would create a natural disaster. Natural disasters lead to devastation, famine, and death; shattering hopes, dreams, and lives. Individually, they’re as bad, if not worse than drunk drivers. Which is pretty terrible. SOMETHING MUST BE DONE! RISE WITH ME!

2. Spiders.

‘Oh my god. Is that a spider?! Kill it kill it kill it!’ – something I would totally shreik at my girlfriend, as I jumped up and down in a panic on the couch.

Spiders are terrifying. In reality, they shouldn’t even be on this list because they scare me more than they annoy me. I included them though, because being scared is annoying. They make me appear weak, which makes me feel like a pansy (which I am of course, but it’s annoying to feel that way).

*CO(wuss)UGH*, ahem; Why do you put up with this one?

You’re outburst at the beginning of the question explained it pretty thoroughly. I just can’t bring myself to get close enough to one to kill it and make the world a better place. I don’t know why they scare me like they do, maybe I was dunked in a bucket of spiders as a baby, and a memory is now buried deep in my subconscious, where only my nightmares reign. Or maybe I have the courage of a six year old girl. It’s anyone’s guess.

Last, but not least…

3. People who scream at their kids in public places.

We all know the scenario. You’re in walmart checking out the lowest of the low prices; brought to you by children in asia working as hard as their little hands make it possible, for only pennies on the dollar (or whatever the story is). You hear crying, and as you round the corner, you see this morbidly obese woman, just SCREAMING at her crying 3 year old girl.

I understand. Kids are monsters! Some of the most sinister crap I’ve ever seen pulled, was by a toddler which my mom used to babysit. He turned out not to be the antichrist, which means there are most likely more like him in the world. If the parent was whispering to the screaming child, making any attempt to calm it down, and after failing, moved to take said hellion out of the store, with a look of supreme embarassment on said parent’s face; I’d feel bad for them, and laugh about it later.

Screaming at a crying child is different. We see it, and do nothing to stop it. We either look on in disgust, or try to distance yourself from the situation. We don’t interfere.

Why don’t we?

We don’t do anything about it because it isn’t our place. The devine dice roll dictated that this child in particular got stuck with crappy parents. Who are we to raise their children? The poor kid is stuck with its legal guardians until it turns 18, or gets taken away by social services.

If the parent hits the kid in a public place though, it’s go time! Jump in there with a ninja kick and be a hero.

Thank you for reading! I’ll post an article of the oposite title next time. ‘Things I hate, that I don’t put up with, even though I’m a good person. (ish)’