News Things One Should Know About Oolong Tea

Things One Should Know About Oolong Tea


Oolong tea is a popular Chinese beverage and it offers a wide range of health benefits. In order to reap the benefits of this tea, one has to sip it on a regular basis. This type of Chinese tea is grown specially because the picked leaves are made to undergo a small degree of fermentation during the processing. That is why this tea has a discrete flavour of oolong; a tea enthusiasts might find some degree of similarity between black tea and oolong tea; yet in reality the flavour lies some where in the middle of green and black tea.

Things One Should Know About Oolong TeaResearchers across the globe from prominent tea institutes have stated that oolong tea has several health claims. Some major advantages of sipping on this tea include enhanced metabolism, lessening of cholesterol levels, protection of the heart from all types of cardiovascular diseases, regulation of the digestive system, firming up the immune system and development of strong bones.

Here are some popular varieties of oolong tea:

Darjeeling oolong tea is made in India and the processing is similar to the original Chinese method; it is highly preferred and widely boughtby tea enthusiasts all over the country.

Smoked oolong tea is also manufactured in Assam; this variety of oolong tea is delicately smoked over open fire for a fine aroma.

Vietnamese oolong is quite popular in the subcontinent and so isThai oolong.

Indonesian oolong tea is sourced from Lebak-Banten in Indonesia.

Oolong tea also has a hub in Africa in the countries of Malawi and in Kenya.

Other popular oolong varieties include Nepali oolong, baijiguan, shuijingui, dahongpao, tieluohan,wuyi cinnamon, wuyi daffodil andphoenix daffodil.

Taiwan and New Zealand are also manufacturers of oolong tea.

How to steep oolong tea?

This tea is carefully prepared for a fine aroma and delicious flavour that lingers. Follow these steps to steep an oolong tea bag correctly:

1. Take 3 grams of a favourite oolong tea and pour it in 200 ml of water. Otherwise one can dip around two tea spoons of oolong tea per cup of hot water; approximate temperature of the water must be 200 to 205°F or 93 to 96°C(not boiling). The leaves need to be steeped in this water for 3–10 minutes.

2. To get delicious flavour from a costly or high quality variety of oolong, the leaves need to be steeped several times unlike all other teas. This is because re-brewing improves the flavour of this tea.While steeping an oolong tea bag three to five times is common in all over the world, the third or fourth steeping is considered the best back in China.

3. “Gongfucha” is a ceremonial method of steeping oolong tea in Taiwan and China. The process calls for the usage if a small teapot or steeping vessels like a traditional gaiwan or Yixing. More tea than usual is added to the water used and several short steeps of 20 seconds to 1 minute are done; this tea is then served in tiny one ounce tasting cups.

Once the process of brewing oolong is clear, these tea bags can be easily purchased from any online store in India. Websites such as deal in premium quality oolong tea packages that are shipped to almost all parts of the country. So get a pack today to enjoy the fine aroma and delicious flavour of traditional Chinese oolong tea.

Things One Should Know About Oolong Tea
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