Things to Consider Before Purchasing Real Estate in Sunny Isles, FL

Purchasing a property on the beach can be a dream come true. Sunny Isle, Florida is one of the most popular hot spot cities for residents and tourists. With the beautiful white sand beaches and the superior condominium and home choices, you will be able to easily to find a residential community that is made just for you. Before you get started with a down payment and escrow for your new home, here are some factors to take into consideration.

Sunrise or Sunset

If you are selecting a condominium, the way that your windows are facing will have a major impact on your view. Miami can have a humid climate during the summer months, especially near the beach. If you want to have more sun in the morning and be shaded in the evening, select your condominium direction accordingly. If your windows face in all directions, make sure that you have enough shade, including blackout curtains to deflect the sun and heat during high temperature times.

Main thoroughfare versus off the beach

Collins Avenue is one of the most famous and busy streets in Sunny Isle. Most high rise condominiums, shopping, restaurant and club locations are on Collins Avenue. If you want to have everything you need within a short walking distance, Collins Avenue is a great place to look for a condo. If you are looking for a place that will attract a little less traffic, consider some of the streets off Collins Avenue. When you and your real estate agent look at condos, make sure to go during prime traffic hours so that you have some idea of the time it may take you to get home daily.

Upgrades and Amenities

The newer the condominium, the more amenities they will tend to have. When it comes to prime real estate on Sunny Isle, you are likely to find a little of everything for each different crowd. Some buildings boast valet parking and large covered parking spaces. Buildings that are family friendly will have play areas and green spaces that act as a park. Communities that attract the young and hip crowd are likely to have rooftop decks and restaurants inside of the condo building itself. There is no shortage of amenities on Sunny Isle, so make a list of exactly what you want to get out of the condo, then hand the list to your realtor to help you find your dream home.

Sunny Isle popularity has only grown over time. If you would like to make this enviable beach community your brand new home, make sure you understand what you want out of a condo so that you can bid fast. Whether you are looking for new construction, or something quaint, Sunny Isle real estate is available on the market with just a little bit of research and leg work.