Things to consider in finding a job

I need to get a job, if you think so try reading this article. It might help you find your ideal job.

Finding a job is hard these days especially if you are unable to finish your college education. Even college graduates are having a hard time finding a job, with all the unemployed people applying for a single job. Try doing the following maybe it can help you in finding a job.


If you do not think that you are ready yet to handle the responsibility of a real job why not try volunteering for organizations that focus on things that you are passionate about. You might find it easy work or even boring at the start but as if you give it a chance and show them how committed you are there is a chance for you to be given responsibilities that you may find amusing. You will be able to help others while gaining important experience to put on your resume, companies somehow tend to favor employees who have helped the community in any way.


A lot of companies rely on referrals from other employees heavily about 40% of companies favor applicants who are referred to by another employee. Make lists of your friends, acquaintances, and relatives who you think may be able to help you find a job. Call them and ask if they may know of job openings in where they can recommend you. Do not be too apologetic or humble, explain what you are looking for in a job, at the same time to forget to mention how flexible you are and how fast you can adapt and learn, you do not have the choice to pick a job, go with what they can fix you up with. You can gain valuable experience for later use in your resume. An accomplice can often fix you up with a job if you are determined to find one.

Prepare yourself for behavioral interviews

In these interviews you will be asked about past problems and what you did to get through them or even a hypothetical situation then asked what you will do. They want to know how you would handle obstacles in your desired position where you are applying for. You should be ready and able to give them detailed and honest examples of what you did in your past, even if it is a hypothetical question or situation. In this kind of interview it is better to tell a story about your past in which you encountered the same situation.

Settle down

You should be ready to state that you are willing to work for the company in that area for years, and give a good explanation why you’ve chosen to live in the area. If you have moved a lot in the past year you should be ready with a good explanation. Give exact and detailed reasons, the more specifics, details, and names the better.

Research the Company

Check the company’s vision, mission, and goal if they are the type of company that you would like to work for. Try visiting their stores, strike up conversation from customers and employees, and observe the customers. Try asking the employees what it is like to work for the company. Be more familiar with the company’s history.

Make a list of what you would want to learn

It would make the employer interested if you would state how you want to improve and learn your skill. In the interview tell your employer what you would want to learn from the position that you are applying for and what more you intend to achieve in the company. It is important that the employer sees how eager you are to work, how open you are to learn new things and develop new skills.

Changing your attitude

There is a big difference between going to the interview and making some phone calls thinking “I’m looking for a job” and “I want a job“. You would want to impress the employer if you expect them to give you a job. It is important to give a good first impression but it is also important to show them your ability and desire to help. Show them how you can help make their business succeed.

Develop personal elevator pitch

Many interviews, especially those in large companies are structured; the interview starts like “tell me something about yourself”. This question does not necessarily mean your life in grade school and your childhood life. This question has a specific answer. The interviewer actually wants to have you loosen your vocal cords and relax, and understand your background, why you applied for the company, your future goals, and your accomplishments in the past.

Cold Calls

Locate the hiring manager or human resources division of the organization or company that you want to apply for. Call asking if they have any open positions in the company and if they are hiring, do not be discouraged if they answer no. ask for the qualifications and if they have government sponsored work programs or apprenticeship. Ask if it is ok to send your resume and indicate which field you are better at.

Fit the job to your skills, not the other way around

Some applicants try to “tweak” how they present their experiences and skills, in order to fit any job description available. Instead of doing this try doing something different, list down all your skills, and determine the kind of business and industry where you are more suitable for, do not be afraid to ask advice from other people. Locate the businesses that may benefit more with your skills, it is very important to find a job that fits your salary requirements and personality, so that you won’t end up finding a job that you dread to get up to every morning.


Aside from these pointers, there are a lot more different ways to help you find a job. But don’t be afraid to try what I have stated above, you might end up finding your ideal job. If you follow the pointers that I have stated above it won’t be long, you will be able to find a job.