Things To Look At When Buying Wholesale Acrylic Beads

Acrylic beads are made from a synthetic material which has been derived from acrylonitrile. This substance was discovered in 1893, but it was years later that it was first used in the manufacture of rubber. Today, there are many uses of acrylic and they can be synthetically altered to mimic various textiles such as glass, wool and even cashmere.

Aside from all these uses, acrylic is also widely used in the manufacture of beads known as acrylic beads. Because acrylic is readily available, the beads that they are made of are extremely affordable. They have a number of properties which make them suitable for jewelry making and other crafting projects. Acrylic beads are durable, and they are available in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

With so many options available, it can sometimes be hard to find the right type of beads that will be suitable for a particular crafting project. Choosing wholesale acrylic beads can be a daunting task if you are not very well aware of the different types which are available and the purpose each one serves in a crafting project.

Given below are some of the things to look at when buying wholesale acrylic beads.

The many types of acrylic beads available today include:

• Spacer beads
• End beads
• Accents
• Pendants

For a jewelry designer, it is important to understand the purpose of using these beads in a project and how they are going to be used.


The appearance of beads is perhaps the most important factor that needs to be looked at when buying them in bulk. Although there is no limit to the options which are available, it is important to pay attention to the appearance as this will have a huge impact on the appearance of the finished product.

The color of the beads, its translucency and sheen are some of the things that need to be considered. Basically, you must have a clear image of how your final product is going to look like. This will help you choose the right type of beads to achieve the look that you have in mind.


Acrylic beads vary widely in their shapes and today they can be found in almost any shape imaginable. They are available in geometric shapes, hearts, flowers and other distinctive objects. So once again choosing them based on their shape comes down to what exactly you are looking to achieve.

The size of the beads is another important factor that needs consideration. Consider all the different elements of your project before you settle on the size.

Their size can range from four to eight millimetres and it is quite easy to find them in all sizes between these range. Determining which size of beads is perfect for a particular project can greatly impact its useability.


Cheap acrylic beads will not have smooth textures which mean that they will be rough around the edges and create an unpleasant experience for the wearer. When you choose wholesale acrylic beads for jewelry projects, you must ensure that they have a smooth texture. If you have a crafting project where the texture is not as important as the color, shape or size, then you can go with any type of beads.

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