Things To Remember When Going To The Mall With Kids

Among the most common activities of many families nowadays is to go to the mall. Whether it is for errands, buying groceries and stuff for the house, taking the kids for a treat, or sometimes even just to go walking around, going to the mall or ‘malling’ has become a favorite pastime among Filipinos. This is evident in the number of malls that are scattered around Metro Manila and the huge crowd that you can often find inside even during supposedly off-peak hours. Shopping malls in the Philippines have even been a default go-to place whenever some people needs to relax and de-stress.

However, going to the mall is not the easiest thing if you are bringing kids along even if you are going to Ayala Center. Having kids along when going anywhere is a challenge in itself and ‘malling’ with them can sometimes be an even greater challenge. Below are some tips that will help you out when you are going to the mall with kids.

  • Bring another adult. Whether you are bringing one child or more, another adult will definitely make going to the mall so much easier. The ideal set-up is to have one adult to mind one child every time you go malling. However, if this is not possible just keep the adult-child ratio to a minimum.
  • Skip nap times. Nap time and the times right before and after your kid’s nap time are times of high emotional instability for your kid. So try to avoid going to the mall with your child during these times to avoid stressful situations where your child will be irritable.
  • No to sales. Shopping malls can be the most horrendous place you can bring your child to during mall sales. These are the times when a large number of people troop to the malls just to score some nice deals and items that are on sale so bringing your child along means subjecting your child to such crowds. Skip the mall sales or just leave your child at home in the care of someone capable.
  • Pack secret weapons. A bag that contains some toys and books will save you from many potentially terrible situations. These secret weapons are anything that your child can amuse himself or herself with. These can be a few favorite toys and books or it can be something new that your child will like.