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Things We Should Never Do With Our SmartPhones

Yes, our smartphones do add a lot of joy to our lives. They make it easier to call and text people, both professionally and personally. They also have a lot of apps that can help us stay organize, help us in our quest to get healthy or stay healthy, and they can even entertain us. However, there are some things we should never do with our smartphones this includes the obvious and the not so obvious things such as:

Don’t Text Or Play With Your Apps While Crossing The Street

This shouldn’t have to be said. But every day people will try to multitask and cross the street, while they are texting and playing with various apps on their smart phone. This can and has caused accidents.

On the same note, don’t text or play video games while walking on the street. You can bump into people and into things such as poles. This can cause you to get hurt, hurt others, and definitely embarrass you.

Don’t Choose A Cutesy Ringtone, Especially If You Are A Professional

Yes, that current toe tapping tune you love may put a smile on your face, but it won’t sound very professional when your phone rings in the middle of a business meeting. Neither will the fight song representing your favorite college football team. Listen to these tunes during your free time and stick with basic ringtones.

Don’t Talk On The Phone While Ordering Food Or Checking Out At A Store

Yes, your hubby may have the worse timing when he calls. Your boss may also have bad timing while you are ordering your dinner for the evening or checking out at the grocery store. Yet, you can resist answering the phone for a few minutes. Simply hit the ignore button on your phone, continue with your task at hand. Then call your hubby or boss back, as soon as you can.

Remember you aren’t the only customer in the world and answer a phone while someone is trying to wait on you is plain rude.

Have Manners, If You Are Waiting On An Important Call

If you are waiting on an important call that you must take when it arrives, explain that to the people you are with, even those who are having dinner with you. Then act appropriately.

Explain to the people you are dining with or spending time with that you are expecting an important call. You wouldn’t take it, if you didn’t have to take it. Then place your phone on vibrate. Lay the phone onto the table face down, and then it doesn’t appear that the phone isn’t your only attraction for the evening. If your phone vibrates, check the number. If it is the call, politely excuse yourself and step away from the table to take the call. Then make the phone call as quickly as you can. When you come back to the table, apologize.

Shut Off Your Phone When You Are At Movies

The movies are a place where there should be no phones. This means you should shut off your phone or at least put it on vibrate. This also means that you shouldn’t check your phone during the movie. The light from the phone will disturb the other movie goers. If your phone does vibrant and you are worried that it may be an important call, quietly step up and go to the back part of the theater to check it.

Smartphones are a part of most people’s lives today. Yet, that doesn’t mean that people cannot have manners when using them. Consider the things you should never do when you own a smartphone and consider other people’s feelings when you use yours.

Note: Photo Source: Website: www.freeimages.com Photographer: Leovdworp

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