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Things You Must Know Before Contracting To a Strata Manager

Strata Management in Sydney or anywhere else is one the best ways of ensuring that the administration needs of your corporation are met. But make sure that you know these things before hiring a strata manager.

With the development of large residential societies and properties that have multiple owners or have been leased, corporations and individuals need managers who can deal with basic disputes, administrative issues and ensure property maintenance. That’s the reason why people need to hire strata managers or strata management companies. They coordinate property affairs, are responsible for administration and conducting/organizing meetings, property maintenance, repairs, bank levies, budget, asset management among other services. Perhaps, that’s the reason you should be hiring a strata management company and managers that can work long-term instead of changing strata agents in Sydney every now and then. So, check out this list of things that you should know before hiring strata managers.

The role of a Strata Manager:
In areas like Sydney, a strata manager plays several roles as once. For instance, they provide management services for the property and offer it on contractual basis. Some of the typical duties that a strata manager performs include-

  • Hiring employees for overall property management
  • Entering into several contracts for maintenance, electrical services, landscaping and insurance
  • Paying Strata Corporation Bills
  • Organizing budget meetings
  • Setting dates for different kinds of events and meetings
  • Attending to correspondence
  • Arranging payments for any invoice
  • Ensuring that the building complies with all norms (such as Work Health and Safety)
  • Dealing with any difficult conflict arising on the property
  • Ensuring preventative maintenance programs
  • Collecting and banking levies

Questions you should ask:
Management of strata in Sydney can be complex. So, you should know these questions before hiring a company. For instance, you should ask questions such as, ‘How can I benefit from the services?’ ‘What kind of experience do you have? ‘How much it would cost me?’
Hire a company only if you get the best answers for your questions. Firstly, the company or manager should provide you the benefit of well-maintained services, which can attract more tenants for your property. Similarly, they should also benefit you by implementing by-laws for the property, designing rules for individuals staying or working at the property. A strata manager should also have considerable experience and skill level to ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry about any troubles with management. Price should be a consideration while you are hiring a strata manager. But you should be ready to spend a little extra as compare to average providers if you want the best services.

Entering into a contract with Strata Management Company:
A contract can be entered between a strata council and a management company or between owner(s) and the strata management company. The contract can even begin before the construction of the project or later. The contact should also discuss how the strata managers and company will be paid- through annual operating budget, special levies or reserve fund. Make sure that the contract is in writing and specifies all the duties and limitations of strata managers to avoid any disputes later.

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