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Things You Should Know about Hypnosis

Wh at i s Hyp nosis

Hypnosis is the psychological induction to a state of consciousness. Hypnosis has been around for as long as humans have kept records. In the state of consciousness, a person actually loses the power of voluntary action and his or her response to directives or suggestions is heightened. Hypnosis is used in therapeutic hospitals to recuperate suppressed memories or to modify ones behavior through suggestions. Its use has however sparked a lot of controversy.

Hypnosis as a Meditation Technique

Hypnosis may also be defined as ‘guided meditation’. Although not many people comprehend this, one may be hypnotized by all sorts of things. When one is so engrossed in a book or a film, you enter into a meditative trance. There are various diverse techniques for induction into a hypnotic reverie. One of the techniques is through focused eye gaze and was very popular in the 19th century. This technique is also used in the modern Hollywood. Progressive relaxation or otherwise ‘imagery’ is another induction method. In this technique, one may envision being in a safe and peaceful place, and then awaken to full consciousness. Another hypnosis induction technique is through mental confusion where the conscious mind is puzzled to a point of relaxation. Shocking the nervous system which is very popular among stage hypnotists is another induction technique. In this technique the induction participants experience an instant of passivity where they either resist the trance or succumb into hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy Basics

The use of hypnosis in therapy is known as hypnotherapy. In turn, hypnotherapy is defined as the use of hypnosis for self-improvement and relieve of problems. Hypnotherapy has been employed to serve a variety of uses. Anesthesiologists and surgeons have been known to use this technique in relaxing their patients, relieving of post-surgical depressions, controlling pain and also nausea. Hypnotherapy is also credited to treating psychosomatic and sexual disorders such as impotence and frigidity. The use of hypnosis in treatment has been present throughout history.

Hypnotherapy Developments

Franz Anto Mesmer, a German physician, is considered to have pioneered modern hypnotherapy. He is attributed to the term ‘animal magnetism’ in which he believed that all living beings possessed magnetic fields which could be manipulated for healing or other purposes. Many cases of the use of hypnosis in therapy have been so successful that many people believe that it can substitute cognitive counseling. However, this is not the case. Although hypnosis has provided solutions to a variety of issues not all can be unraveled by it use. For instance, marriage counseling cannot be substituted for hypnotherapy.

Hypnotizability which is the case where some people can be hypnotized while others can resist it has invoked a lot of skepticism. There are definitely people who can and cannot be hypnotized. The ability of people to focus is what brings about this diversity. People with a high degree of focusing are bound to achieve better results with hypnosis than their counterparts who have harder time focusing and tend to be less susceptible. Losing control of one’s actions during a hypnotic trance is common fear among many people. A person can awaken from a hypnosis trance if they are asked to go against their moral beliefs.


Hypnosis is therefore a natural state of the mind which can be achieved by anyone with the ability to focus. Hypnosis is also a valuable asset to the medical industry used in treating illnesses through hypnotherapy.

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