Thoughtfulness and Generosity Beyond Distance

In this modern world I am happy to share with the readers how culture, tradition, values and the like is still very much preserved. And, how the advancement of technology becomes the gateway in strengthening these people’s culture.

I am so fascinated with how the life of a blog editor is able to see and understand different views, different opinions, different useful information that becomes a mirror of the people’s (bloggers) culture. Blogs are the modern avenue for expressing ideas, culture, traditions and appreciation.

As a blog editor I have a lot of work experiences that can prove that the above statements are true. In one of my editing work, I was stunned with a blog entry on Filipino’s thoughtfulness and generosity. They always have a reason, or at least somehow find reasons to give and to make their love ones happy. These, I have proven in the blog entries of overseas Filipino bloggers that I have read and approved for publishing. They would often share their thrill of experiences on sending gifts and special items to their love ones in their home town.

One entry articulated how impressive is the service provided to her when she sent roses to her mother for Mother’s Day. One satisfied costumer was feeling very low on his second month abroad because he feels so much for his wife who is missing him so much and finding it hard to adjust to their situation. The solution he found was to avail of an online service of sending his wife flowers on a regular almost monthly basis. A very touching story of another blogger whom after more than ten years of not communicating with her only sister because of a little disagreement gained forgiveness after sending her sister white roses for Mother’s Day through an online service.

It is safe to say that though they work million of miles away, their thoughtfulness and generosity is not hindered by distance, hence they were able to find endless possibilities on how to make it even better.

An equally interesting heartbreaking blog was an entry by a blogger who cannot go home because of his contract despite the accident met by his fiancée who is in the hospital for two weeks. All that comforted both him and his fiancée’s feeling of emptiness was when he was able to send flowers, chocolates and personalized items as well as food packages to her while in the hospital through an online store. Even stories of sending condolences through sending funeral flowers to the bereaved are indeed entries I encountered in the blogs.

All the above stories and a lot more of thoughtfulness and generosity are made possible despite the distance is through the help of modern technologies like the online store providing flowers, gifts and other items and delivered services available for the people in the Philippines.

One name that top the list is the online store by, numerous blogs mentioned different positive comments based on their happy experiences from the services provided by this online store. With the positive comments aired by the different bloggers, I believe this online store really passes the meticulous tastes of the Filipino overseas and worthy to be recommended.

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