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Three Easy Ways to Boost Your Online Fundraising

Have you decided to start your own fundraising campaign online? Over the past few years, crowdfunding websites have changed the way individuals contribute to a cause. An online fundraising campaign can help you reach a wide audience, market your campaign effectively, and accept a wide variety of payment types. Even though the way you’re collecting funds has changed, many of the same rules of traditional fundraising apply. The keys to successful fundraising, both on- and offline, are communicating your goals effectively, inspiring confidence in your campaign, and showing gratitude.

Be Sincere About Your Goals

You know the value of your cause, but do others? Crowdfunding a friend’s medical expenses or the launch of a new community center are noble goals, but contributors may be hesitant to donate if they don’t understand either the urgency or the total target amount. Be sincere and honest about why you’re soliciting funds, and why you believe the cause is a worthy one. As much as possible, include details and statistics in your online fundraising summary. The goal of your fundraising page is to appeal to contributors both emotionally and intellectually. Plumfund is an online fundraising platform that helps organizers create easy and intuitive fundraising pages. Click here to view examples of successful fundraising pages on their website.

Part of being honest about your goals is setting a strategic fundraising total. Donors want to understand where their money is going, and why a specific total is in place. Choose a clear goal and communicate why you’ve chosen it. If applicable, outline some of the ways the money will go to use and organize it by dollar amounts. Create a number of sequential goals in order to incite momentum in donations. If you have a goal to raise $5000 by the end of the day, have a stretch goal ready to go once you hit your mark. After you reach your first $5000, celebrate and then move on to the second goal in order to perpetuate excitement and urgency about your campaign.

Talk About Your Fundraising

One of the best benefits of online fundraising is just how easy it is to share online. Post the link to your fundraising page on social media, and encourage others involved in the campaign to do the same. Email individuals directly, or write a blog post about what you’re doing. Do this multiple times throughout the course of your campaign, changing your messaging and calls to action each time. Send out positive updates about your fundraising, highlighting things like the dollar amount raised, the total number of contributors so far, or the amount left to raise. Use your sequential goals as opportunities to reinitiate the conversation. People can’t give if they haven’t been asked, so be sure to ask and ask again.

Show Your Appreciation

Reward your supporters with a heartfelt expression of gratitude when they contribute. Be personal and timely with your thank you notes. When appropriate, give your contributors a public shout-out on social media, which serves as both a forum to thank donors as well as inspire others to donate. A well-written thank you should remind your donors that their contribution is not just a transaction, but a heartfelt gift that is personally appreciated.

Thinking about your campaign strategically is a great way to boost your fundraising, but remember that sincerity is the key to all good charitable campaigns. If you can communicate your goals honesty and frequently, the online tools at your disposal are the only other things you need to make your campaign a success.

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