Three Reason What Causes You Sneeze a lot

Do you sneeze a lot? If so the real reason might be right inside your nose, in fact! There are much more of reasons why you may sneeze a lot, but there are some major causes that might be fixed until you constantly feel like you are suffering from a cold. Find out the cause why you always sneeze and get ready to start feeling better as soon as today!

Three Reasons Why You Sneeze Lot

1. Allergy diagnosis and intolerance diagnose : Even if you have seen a doctor and saying you are not allergic according to tests or that it’s all in your head, I would highly recommend getting a second opinion from a holistic alternative practitioner. There are many ways to test for allergies that include EDS testing among others.

Not sure what I mean with intolerance? They are often to the things you eat every day or exposing your self to frequently which pressing your immune system or constantly making the reaction within your body. The most common of these is to eliminate wheat and dairy. Do it for a week and you will see a big help! Many times it can be as simple as that.

2. Sinus Infections: Many times you can have a low level of chronic sinus infection that you did not even realize but constantly make you choke. Even if you sneeze a lot of this could be a good sign that your body is aware of it and try our best to eliminate it. One thing you never want to jump to is taking antibiotics for a sinus infection until it’s fully determined to be bacterial, because the most frequent sinus infections is fungal in nature and if you end up using an anti-biotic that can actually make the infection much worse!

If the case of taken antibiotics at any times in recent years a chronic fungal infection is often the cause of your current health problems. Then on the next cause of chronic sneezing is what you need to get rid of to feeling better.

3. Candida overgrowth: The first reason many people feel sick constantly for no apparent reason is something known as Candida overgrowth. These fungus lives inside us, but in some people can grow unmanageable. Most of the reasons why people get sneezing a lot from it are due to the use of antibiotics and the second cause of the above, liver toxicity and chronic allergies.

If all the three are in play individual will certainly also increasing the Candida overgrowth. The solution requires the removal of all of these factors, while doing some cleanses and the use of herbs, supplements or certain foods to rebuild both the immune system and the function of affected organs.

If you are constantly sick I highly recommend you consider taking a quick online test to determine whether Candida is a major concern for yourself. Most people who begin to eliminate Candida saw major changes in the overall health and energy within 3 days!