Three Smart Ways To Use NFC On Your Android Phone

If you have an android device, you may have noticed that it has a really cool feature called NFC. Some years back, NFC was being touted as the next big thing for smartphones, but not many handsets are equipped with this technology today. It is also true that out of all those people who have this feature on their mobile devices, not many know how to use it.

Today’s android phones come with an in-built NFC antenna, but in order to automate different tasks, you will need a stack of NFC tags which can be purchased online.

Once you have these tags and know how to program them, you are ready to draw a small amount of juice from your android device and here is exactly how you can do it.

Start Your Computer

When you get home in the evening after work, it may feel like a task having to wait for your system to start up. It is also not a nice idea to leave it on all day so you can save a few seconds when you want to use it after work. With the help of NFC tags, you can save yourself time by turning on your system remotely.

Initiate A Wi-Fi Tether

Every time you need to initiate Wi-Fi tethering, you have to scroll through your phone’s settings. It isn’t really that much of a task, but wouldn’t it be nicer if you could initiate Wi-Fi tethering automatically by creating an NFC tag. This surely does make working remotely a little easier.

Is your Wi-Fi password complicated? To make sharing your Wi-Fi password easier with friends and families, you can use NFC read/write tags. This saves them the hassle of trying to understand the bunch of alphabets, numbers and characters scribbled on paper. However, it is essential that your guests also have the application installed on their devices.

There are a number of other things that you can do using the NFC feature on your android phone. It’s just that you need to be aware of the uses and you will see how amazing that feature is on your mobile device.