Three Ways for a Fun and Frolic Dinner Party


What’s the first thing that comes in your mind when thinking of a dinner party? It’s probably people wearing black ties and stuffy suits while engaged with multiple courses. Still, you can keep dinner parties as formal as you like but don’t overlook the audience. Casual dinners between friends and families can be quite entertaining where not only you delight your taste buds but reveal your creative designing skills, further adding adrenaline to the already lively event.

Eating Out

1. The Murder Mystery

Let this dinner be a little unusual from the rest and murder mystery is the best way to spice it up! This particular party requires a lot of guests and careful planning which involves coming up with a superb theme plot. Order a game kit which comes with fake murder weapons, decorating goodies and possible alibis needed. When distributing items, ensure each guests gets a packet with fiction character description to play along; probably one guest would be a killer while other, the victim!

Start the game in between dinner by turning the light off surprisingly and have someone play dead. To solve this mystery, guests have to find the killer following a series of clues. When culprit is caught, it would end with romantic dinner in Dubai or wherever you’re holding one. There’s no restriction over menu so come up with a nice cuisine that everyone loves to dig into. Lest you’re planning it outdoors like in a restaurant, do contact management at-least three weeks in advance for booking, venue and overall preparation.

2. Dinner in Dark and Mexican Fiesta

Several restaurants use to mimic the original concept however, improvise the idea and recreate for your own home. The name says it all as dinner is usually served in total darkness, not a single light or candle preventing guests to see what they’re eating. Game starts with guessing names of dishes which is really fun. To add excitement, arrange small gifts for all the winners however, arranging the table from decoration to serving meal should start way before guest’s arrival.

Having night vision equipment hidden from everyone while secretly using it can be fun however it’s counted in cheating the game. Blindfold visitors and help them to their seats, turn off the lights and begin! In all your exhilaration, be careful that food doesn’t spill especially liquors. Bars in Dubai take special care when serving such foods by covering a plastic lid.

Mexican fiesta theme is another way to enjoy banquet night. Like the theme, decorate with vibrant colors, flag and a piñata overhanging for true Mexican ambiance. For appetizers, serve bean dip and guacamole followed by main course that would be nachos, burritos, fajitas and tacos. Wind up with fried ice-cream or sopapillas as dessert. Don’t forget to play Mexican music in the background the whole time.


3. Fake-out Menu

It’s simply a diversion to confuse guests with fake dish titles. Upon tasting, it’ll simply startle all eaters which is really fun. If you’re entertaining patients amongst common crowd, be careful as they might be allergic to a few ingredients. Other examples can be baking a cake in shape of a meat loaf and serve without blurting it out. Wipe that smile off your face or recipient would guess there’s something fishy. Visit among the many top restaurants in Dubai and witness an unforgettable dinner night.


Here’s how to have a fun dinner! When are you throwing one?